1.CLOSE TO THE HEART LINE  If you have two or more lines, choose the longest one. It’s a sign of early marriage, maybe around 20-something. 2.CLOSE TO THE BASE OF LITTLE FINGER  It’s a sign of late marriage, but you will find a good partner…


7 things you should never do to your breasts

You may be the one who is extremely in love with her breasts and would do anything to pamper them. But even after being extra careful and particular about it, you still do a lot of things to your breasts that are just not right. Can you gue…


Look what your little finger tells about personality!

Look what your little finger tells about personality! Did you know that the length and shape of your cute little reveal a lot about your personality? It might sound a little funny but yeah this is true. So here we go! Short: If your tiny fi…


Last Amavasya of the year: Do’s and Don’ts

Amavasya or no moon day marks the beginning of a new lunar month. The word Amavasya means dark moon Lunar Phase in Sanskrit. Ama means ‘together’ and vasya means ‘to dwell’. In most beliefs, the day of Amavasya is not auspicious as it is th…


Luscious Locks This Winter?

Winter is well and truly here! Now that the colder days are upon us, so is the central heating and other damaging elements that can take the shine away from your hair and also cause it to fall out. But fear not! There is a healthy natural w…


World Heart Day : What the Specialists Say

Today is the world hearts day. Woman’s Era spoke to leading cardiologists across the city to bring to our readers their insights Subhash Kumar Sinha Cardiologist Batra Hospital World Heart Day is a time to reflect on and take a pledge to ke…


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