Wai Lana’s Colors, Addressing Racism through Music

From the outside looking in, many people think of yoga as just a form of physical exercise. But for many of us who practice yoga, we know that the teachings of yoga go much deeper.

It’s very inspiring to see these deeper teachings of yoga becoming more accessible. International Day of Yoga has certainly had a huge impact in bringing the wisdom of yoga to the mainstream. And so has world-renowned yoga teacher Wai Lana. Each year, ever since the first Yoga Day in 2015, Wai Lana has released a new music video infused with yoga’s timeless wisdom. This year it’s Colors. In Wai Lana’s unique and jubilant style, she takes on a big issue of the day, racism.

According to Wai Lana, “From the teachings of yoga, we can understand that ultimately, we are not black, brown, or white. We are not man, woman. We are not old or young. We are eternal spiritual beings, temporarily residing in these various bodies.” She points out that if one has such spiritual understanding, there is no foundation for racism, because such a person does not judge a person based on bodily considerations.

It’s a serious message, but in Colors, Wai Lana communicates it in a fun and uplifting way. We invite you to watch it here, and be sure to share it with others.