When and How To Shop For Your First Bra

We have all been there and done that, and that is buying the very
first bra with darling mommy in tow. Most girls are excited at the prospect of
getting their very first bra, something that marks their transition from
mommy’s little girl to a young teen. Just like the puberty age has now changed
for most girls, so have the styles of bras that are now available for teenage
girls. Popularly known as training bras, these bras have also had a makeover
from being plain Jane to have the most stylish and quirky styles. If you are a
mommy who is reading this, these pointers will help you cope with the tears and
fights that generally accompany any shopping trip with a teenager daughter. And
if you are a tween wanting to know when and how to buy your first teens bra, we
are happy to help.

#The when and how

When the outline of the nipples starts to show from under the T-shirt, it is the perfect time to shop for your first teens bra. You can have a conversation with your mom or any woman who you are comfortable talking to about this. Many girls start to feel embarrassed when the breasts start showing and fail to get a bra at the right time which leads to the development of a hunch in young girls whose breasts are not supported by a good teen’s bra.

# Getting the measurements right

A mother can help her daughter with proper bra size guide and teach her how to measure herself correctly.
Most women continue to wear the wrong size of bra even after they grow up and the
fallacy starts from their teenage years itself when they get their first teens bra.
You can visit a good store for getting yourself measured but if you are queasy being
it the first time, you can ask your mom or any woman in your family to take
your measurements.  All you need to do is
to measure the rib cage just below the bust and that is going to give you the
band size. For the cup size, you need to measure the fullest part of the breast
and then subtract the band measurement that you had calculated earlier from
this number. This is one practice that every woman should follow all her life since
the bra size for an average woman changes at least ten times in her lifetime.

# Feeling comfortable is important 

If you are feeling weird wearing a bra, you can start with camisoles
or bralette
that come with built-in bra cups. They will give you a feel of the bra without
the feeling of being constricted. Also, this camisole will help serve the
purpose of covering the nipples as that is the paramount concerns of most girls
at this stage when the breasts are still developing and need coverage more than
support. Once you get used to the bra cups you can transition to wearing a teen
bra or a training bra. For small-busted girls, the sports bra can act at as the
starting point too.

# Which bra to buy

At this stage, you don’t need a padded bra for you have many years ahead when you can explore the wonders of an underwire or a padded bra. This, however, should not stop you from buying your teens bra or sports bra in cheerful colors and whacky prints to make it a fun thing. Do invest in some pastels as well to be worn as daily wear.