This Is What Bracelet Line Says About Your Life

Life is unpredictable and sometimes it is hard. Not every time you feel good about anything. Sometimes you need some guidance. You want to know about the future, about your life expectancy, about your partner and about your children. So here, we provide you with some easy readings that might help you in your life. It can always give clarity and you can go with it.

1. If the lifeline is clear, long, light red, has no special marks and intersects with the bracelet line (A), it indicates you will enjoy longevity.

2. If the fate line starts from the bracelet lines (B), it indicates the bitter life and frustrations. If the fate line is short and stops at the headline, it indicates setbacks in career, even bankruptcy.

3. If the health line extends to the bracelet lines (C), it indicates you are weak, may fall sick from long-term overwork and should be restricted from booze and women.

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