6 In-Demand Career Certifications You Should Get

Professional organizations award people with certifications to confirm they have a set of skills and aptitudes necessary for a job. Usually, people get a credential after gaining experience in a field through an internship or completing their education in a domain. 

Getting a certification means meeting specific standards and passing one or several exams. Most credentials require periodic renewal, so make sure to check with the provider its validity before enrolling in a class. 

Certifications are quite common in some occupations. Whether you need one to get a job depends on your region, employer, and domain of work. It doesn’t matter if you’re entering the job market for the first time or want to change your career path; it’s best to know what certifications are popular. You can use the information to pick a class to enroll in

Project management certification

Research shows that careers in project management certifications are popular in the present market, especially if you have a Project Management Professional or Certified Associate in Project Management certification. Enrolling in a class that provides these credentials is useful if you have less experience in managing corporate projects but possess great knowledge of the market. Project management certifications are designed for specialists with a high level of expertise in their industries. 

Home health and personal care certification

Jobs in these fields have registered the highest projected hiring value out of all careers and are expected to register further growth in the following years. They’re ideal for individuals who want to do meaningful work helping people. This purposeful job involves the specialist traveling to the patient’s location (their home, group home), administering medication, and checking their blood pressure, pulse rates, and temperature readings. 

You can get home health and personal care certification by joining an online or offline class. Most classes require no student loan, but some associated costs may be. However, if you want to work for a home health agency, you need to complete a level of training to sharpen your skills. If home health isn’t the ideal job for you because you’re a more active individual, search online for EMT classes near me because they also allow you to start a purposeful career in the healthcare sector. Emergency medicine is fit for you if you like to feel the adrenaline running through your veins and want to be the first to respond when people need help. 

Business analyst certification

As a business analyst, you’d work with brands to analyze their services, products, operations, and systems to help them improve profitability, productivity, and efficiency. You’ll rely on information technology resources and data to help your clients move their businesses forward. You can get multiple business analyst certifications in this field, but the most popular ones are Certified Business Analysis Professional and IIBA Agile Analysis Certification. If you have this certification, you can prove to employers that you hold the needed knowledge to assist them in growing their businesses. 

Nurse practitioner

The nurse practitioner career is projected to register an increase in need and popularity of 50% in the following years. You shouldn’t be surprised that this hero career has become one of people’s favorites over the last few years, considering that nurses were among the key specialists assisting people during the pandemic. If you embrace this career, you can gain a decent salary and be honored to save lives daily. Nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners, and nurse midwives are usually referred to as advanced practice registered nurses because they provide care and specialty healthcare to patients. 

If you get your certification, get ready for healthcare providers to start pursuing you because there’s a great need for experts in the field. 


Nurse practitioners and doctors weren’t the only ones who helped during the pandemic. Before the patients reached the hospital, emergency medical technicians came to their help to stabilize their state and ensure they reached the hospital in safe conditions. If you want to follow this rewarding career, enroll in an emergency medical technician course that provides you with the needed certification to apply for an EMT position. If you engage in EMT training NYC based you gain a wealth of abilities, skills and knowledge that allow you to help patients. Expect your education to focus on various subjects such as anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology.

As an EMT, you become an essential part of the healthcare system that provides pre-hospital care. Once you get your certification, you can decide if you want to become a paramedic, firefighter, or pursue an advanced healthcare career as a medical doctor, registered nurse, or physician assistant. 

Fitness instructor

People have started to understand that being physically active has a positive impact on their health and wellness. Research shows an increase of 40% in hiring in the field. The bad habits people got during the pandemic when they engaged in binge-eating and did nothing else than lying on the couch have created a group of individuals who want to get back in shape, and now there’s a great demand for professional fitness instructors. If you’ve always been a gym enthusiast and want to start a career in the industry, you can get a certification and help other people learn to love fitness as much as you do. As a fitness trainer, you mostly work with clients at the gym, recreation centers, yoga studios, health clubs, or healthcare clinics. Depending on your skills and knowledge, you can teach everything from weightlifting to cardiovascular exercises and Pilates. 

Most job openings only ask for a high school diploma and a specialty certification. But you could also use to have nutritional expertise to counsel your clients on how to adopt a healthy diet. 

You can get a fitness instructor certification online or by enrolling in a local program. Check with your local fitness organizations to find out what certification opportunities they provide. 

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