6 Ways To Improve The Taste Of Your Coffee

Around 150 million Americans regularly drink coffee, and more than a billion globally do the same. The coffee-drinking culture is huge in some parts of the world, and there’s a great reason for it – coffee is tasty and helps us wake up better.

If you’re one of these people, you have surely tasted different coffee during your lifetime. Not every barista will do the same taste and smell, and even you can’t do it every time. There are many reasons why this may happen.

If you feel like you want changes and to improve the taste of your coffee, you should make some changes in your daily routine. In this article, we share six ideas to help you do it. Keep reading and find out more about how to do this.

1. Choose better coffee

The type of coffee is essential for the taste of your cup. Depending on the quality, you may have a different taste. Even the broad manufacturers of instant coffee can never make two exact packages of coffee, and if you’re using roasted coffee beans, be sure that their quality matters.

You need to try different types, manufacturers, production areas, packages, and everything else you may think of. Try different options and see which one you love the most. After all, there’s not only one type of coffee but more.

The main distinction between them is coffee called Arabica and Robusta. Both have different flavors that you may or may not love. Experiment before finding what feels perfect for you.

2. Get a better coffee-making machine

Your espresso machine is crucial for getting great coffee. Early in the morning, the sound of the coffee machine is sacred, but if the taste of the coffee that is coming out isn’t flawless, then you’ll start hating that sound, and you’ll seize drinking coffee at home in the morning.

If you found an excellent coffee and are still unsatisfied with the flavor, you’ll want to invest in a better machine. Many machines can burn the coffee during the process or make it feel different than it really is. They’ll lose the essence of the beans. A quality machine will do no such thing.

3. Add a creamer

A creamer will entirely change the taste of your coffee. Many people enjoy adding cream to their coffee because it makes the beverage different. It adds flavor, and many creamers are made to make the taste of the coffee feel like something else – almond, vanilla, chocolate, etc.

Some creamers also have healthy features. Adding a coffee creamer will not just make the taste better, but you’ll also consume collagen, which is crucial for your longevity, strength, and looks. Collagen is vital for your skin’s elasticity, the strength of your bones, joints, tendons, etc.

4. Change the mug you’re drinking from

Ironically or not, changing the coffee mug or cup you’re drinking the coffee may be just enough to make you feel better while drinking the beverage. Many of us will feel differently drinking from a coffee mug we don’t like.

Drinking from a plastic cup changes your experience dramatically if you’re used to drinking from a porcelain mug. Metal glass may also show you a different feeling because the taste is not the same when drinking from all these different materials.

5. Change the temperature of the coffee

Some people, unaware of the effect of extremely hot water, will literally burn the beans by adding boiling water in the wrong stage of preparing the coffee. Other people will love the taste of these burned beans. This shows no unique ideal taste, but you need to experiment.

Try drinking cold coffee or tasting it while it’s flaming hot. Try adding different types of water if you’re drinking instant coffee, and set the machine to different temperatures when preparing it. All these little tricks can add value to your taste and overall experience.

6. Use a different type of water

Tap water may not be the best option for you. The taste of non-quality water may also ruin the taste of your coffee. Try adding bottled or filtered water into the machine or inside your cup, and see if this makes a different taste for you.

Water is essential for every beverage, but we usually don’t pay too much attention. Even different bottled water brands will make your coffee feel and taste differently. Water from different springs has features that are not the same as any other place, so try this too.


Coffee is such a meaningful morning routine. It makes us awake faster and pushes our bodies into work. Without it, many will feel tired throughout the day. It is also an enjoyment that many love, so drinking poor coffee taste is not the best idea.

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