A Guide To The UK’s Favourite Sweets

Great Britain has a long history with sweets, so it is no surprise then that we are a nation of sweet lovers. However, which sweets exactly are the favourite? There are a number that are particularly well loved and we will take a look at these in more detail below.

Cola Bottles

A real nostalgic treat that is still much loved by both kids and adults alike is the classic cola bottle. These small gummy treats come in two different options – fizzy or plain – and taste exactly like the famous beverage that comes in a red can from America, Coca Cola. These are particularly good for chewing away on whilst watching a movie at the cinema.

Mars Bars

Known as a Milky Way in the United States of America (that is a completely different chocolate bar here in the UK), a mars bar consists of a nougat and caramel centre that is coated in a thick and creamy milk chocolate. The love for this bar has even seen some people go as far as deep frying it before eating it – we are still to try that one.

Haribo Starmix

Depending on what figures you look at, Haribo Starmix is the top selling packet of sweets in the entire country. One study found that an unbelievable 9 million bags of these little gummy sweets of various shapes, colours, and flavours are sold each and every year in the UK. These numbers clearly show that these sweets are much loved. If you are one of those people, then you will love a Jumbo Haribo Sweet bouquet from https://www.awesomehamperco.co.uk/.


These round malt balls covered in a creamy milk chocolate just melt away in your mouth – that is if you can avoid the temptation of crunching into them that is. A stalwart for mothers’ days gifts or presents for wifes / girlfriends when you are stumped as to what else to actually get them. Coming in a range of different packet and box sizes, they are ideal for sharing or eating all by yourself; we definitely prefer the latter of these two options.

Chocolate Eclairs

Not the finger shaped chocolate pastries that are filled in the centre with cream (and sometimes jam) but the chewy toffee with a chocolate filling is what makes it onto the list of the UK’s favourite sweets. Although the market for these sweets is pretty much cornered by the chocolate giant Cadbury’s, there are in fact a number of other chocolatiers and sweet manufacturers that make their own version.

Other sweets that did not quite make it onto the list but are definitely worth a mention (because we love them) include flying saucers, boot laces, midget gems, wine gums, smarties, starburst, love hearts, giant strawberries, snickers bars, freddos, liquorice allsorts, chocolate mice, wham bars, jelly babies, gummy bears, fried eggs, sherbet lemons, lemon bon bons, black jacks, fruit salads, chomps, twirls, millions, drumstick lollies, flumps, caramac bars, maoam, vimto bars, foam bananas, and catherine wheels.

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