Are You Also Suffering From Corona-Somnia. Check Out Here What Is It.

The corona pandemic has badly affected the lives of the people. The serious effects of the two waves that came within a year and a half can be seen in both the physical and mental health of the people. In post covid problems, along with serious effects on the heart and lungs of people, its effect is also being seen in many people mentally.

According to health experts, many people are also facing problems of insomnia and depression due to Covid. Experts have named the problem of insomnia among people due to corona as ‘corona-somnia’.
According to doctors, this type of problem has been seen in people of almost every age. From women, frontline workers to Covid-19 patients, doctors, and caregivers, cases of ‘corona-somnia’ are also being seen. Doctors say that this pandemic has affected the sleep cycle of the people, whose effect is also being seen on the functioning of daily life. Let us know about this disease in detail.


Health experts say that it is not right to limit the corona pandemic to its symptoms only. It is an infection affecting people’s health in many other ways as well. ‘Corona-somnia’ is one such serious problem, whose cases have increased rapidly in the past. ‘Corona-somnia’, as the name suggests, is associated with insomnia and other sleep problems. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, about 40 percent of people experienced insomnia and all kinds of sleep problems due to this pandemic.


According to doctors, the direct effect of the atmosphere created in society due to corona infection is being seen on the mind of the people. People suffering from ‘corona-somnia’ may have problems with sleeplessness or frequent breaks in sleep. Apart from this, such problems have also been seen in some people:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Headache, anxiety
  • Wake up in the middle of the night
  • Not feeling comfortable
  • Stress and irritability
  • Lack of concentration
  • Lack of energy

Health experts say that ‘corona-somnia’ is mainly a result of the uneasiness and tension spread in the society due to corona. The deteriorating routine at the time of lockdown can also be considered as a reason for this. The atmosphere of fear and anxiety about the disease has also given rise to ‘corona-somania’. Apart from this, the screen time of all the people has increased significantly during the time of Corona, due to which the sleep cycle i.e. sleeping and waking routine has been greatly affected.


Senior Psychiatrist Dr. Satyakant Trivedi says that after recovery from Corona, the problem of insomnia is also being seen in people. The increased screen time can be seen as the main factor for this. To avoid such problems, distance should be made after 5 pm from any kind of screen like mobile, laptop, TV, etc. Look at the trees and the greenery, this gives relief to the eyes and can reduce the side-effects of increased screen time. Eating a healthy diet along with yoga and exercise is also considered very necessary to avoid ‘corona-somania’.

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