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Nripendra Pathak, a digital wizard, quitted his plush corporate job to serve organic, pure, Ayurveda based sustainable and healthy life to the masses at large. This vision led him and his partner, Wilbur Miranda, to create ‘Ayurmeans’. We at Madaboutwellness reviewed and tested Ayurmeans products. Ayurmeans is an e-commerce platform that sells only natural, organic, Ayurveda concept-based products sourced from local farmers, manufacturers and producers.

Co-Founder Speaks– Ayurmeans products mean no colours, no chemicals, mixing particles or inhumane practice of production. Shares Co-founder Nripendra Pathak, ” ‘Ayur’ means ‘life’. Every day we are exposed to the harmful chemicals present in various food, substances, cosmetics and whatnot. We have been sourcing naturally produced skincare, face care, hair care, Essential and Aroma oils, herbs, spices, Instant Food and many other products to provide a better life with organic and naturally produced products.”

Ayurmeans Certifications– The brand makes a lot of investment to gather information and research best practices for producing quality products that are naturally based. The products on Ayurmeans e-commerce platform are certified WHO-GMP | USOCA Certified | USDA approved. It is a conscious effort to keep prices under Rs. 3499. Ayurmeans products have only steam distilled essential oils and herbs. The diffusers range is exceptional and sourced from China, Japan and Malaysia.

Product Range

Natural Deodorant,
Age Delay
, Toners, Cleansers, Beard Oil, Hair Care, Organic Creams, Lip Care, Face Wash and Cleanser, Eye Care, Organic Scrubs, Face Packs, Essential Oils, Diffusers-Aromatherapy, Aroma Oils, Face and Body Care, Natural Spices that includes both Therapeutic Grade & Kitchen ones, Instant Food, Tea, Coffee, Haircare, Face Care.

Diffuser AD 200 Ultrasonic–  This Diffuser is available in 2 colours with a 500 ML water tank capacity.

An exceptional feature of the 7 Led light function makes this product worth a purchase. It functions for 8 hours at a stretch creating a happy atmosphere.  Comes with a remote controller. It Uses ultrasonic technology for long-lasting mist. It is durable and ideal for home and bedrooms.

Price- 3499INR

Diffuser AD 600 Ultrasonic This works both as a Diffuser and as a night lamp as it’s transparent. It functions for 8 hours at a stretch and comes with Ultrasonic technology. This product too has 7 Led light function & creates a happy atmosphere. It has a 500 ml tank capacity with a remote controller. It’s ideal for bedrooms, candlelight dinners and night read as well.

Price- 2499INR

AD 903 Car Diffuser– This is an amazing small sized diffuser to disseminate aroma in your car or small cubicles, work desks and others.  It comes with Nanotechnology,  Ultra-silent & purifies the air inside the car. You can choose from among 3 colours (White, Military Green & Pink) with a  timer setting. Even this handy and mini Diffuser has a 7 Led light function to create the light effect on top of the car. We can use it for 4-8 hours at a stretch. Ultrasonic technology-enabled to make this product a killer. Impress your partner while on a long drive with a  260 ML tank for long drive support.


Diffuser AD 801– A must buy the product as it serves both as a Diffuser and Bluetooth music function with clear sound wooden speakers. Use the remote control for different mist modes for aroma control. Office, home, bedrooms, spas, kitchens, corridors, even gardens are perfect locations to use this Diffuser. It is durable. With a  500 ml tank capacity. Not to miss is the  7 Led light function to get 7 different colours as per mood and atmosphere.

Price- 3499INR

Diffuser AD Nest Flower Design–  Beautiful and unique flower design with waterless auto shut off makes this product very interesting. It has a  500 ml tank capacity and   7 Led light function with a unique flower shape top lid.  The continuous 8-hour function makes it ideal for both home and office use. The atmosphere adds to the mood if you use the right essential oils along.

Price- 2499 INR

Essential Oils-Ayrumeans Essential oils are steam distilled in a WHO-recommended plant under manual observation by experts and manufacture in their own reserved unit in Uttarakhand factory. Best flower petals are handpicked from the best gardens across the globe and Stored in a glass jar for a contamination-free effect. Like lavender is sourced from France and Australia, while others from the Himalayas, inhousefarming and sourced from different Indian regions. Oils out of plants have no expiry as processing and preservation follows all international standards like  WHO-GMP Certified, USDA approved and  USOCA Certified but it is recommended to either keep it in a dark and low temperature enabled space or use it within 2-3 years of packaging for best results.

Price – 300 to 500 INR per 10ml. 

Reach us at: www.aminu.life

By Khushboo Jain
Wellness Advocate, Founder of Madaboutwellness
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Khushboo Jain

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