Bangalore Film Industry Artist On The Verge Of Starvation, Helped By Agriculture Minister Of State.

The corona pandemic and lockdown have had a profound impact on everyone’s life. During this time people had to face a lot of financial crises. This time has been very difficult for the people who earn daily and till now people are struggling to come out of it. Now the news is that the photographers and make-up artists working in the Karnataka film industry are facing a lot of problems. Everyone is facing a financial crunch due to no work.

Bangalore Artist

Actually, the shooting of films didn’t start in the industry yet and in such a situation people are not getting work. The financial crisis has broken the back of the people. Makeup artist Swati has to say about this that we have very little work right now, due to which we are not able to pay people. We are getting kits from directors, producers which help.

Bangalore Artist Facing Crises

Actor-turned-politician Kaurava BC Patil, Karnataka’s Agriculture Minister, has to say that, “make-up artists and photographers have suffered a lot during this period. I have requested the Labor Minister to give 1000 kits to be distributed among all. I am working for their benefit.”

During the Corona period and the lockdown during that time, many leaders, actors came forward to help the cine workers. But still, people are facing a financial crisis. Slowly all the work is returning on the track and it is expected that soon the production of films will also start and people will get freedom from the problem of work and money.

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