Benefits of Kapalbhati You can never think of; Read to find out

Kapalbhati is seen as a disease-removing pranayama. We have seen such patients who could not walk without crutches, but after doing regular Kapalbhati, they lost their crutches and they started not only walking but also running…..! A Sadhak doing Kapalbhati becomes self-reliant and self-fulfilling, heart blockages start opening from the very first day from Kapalbhati and they open completely without any medicine in 15 days.

Kapalbhati increases the efficiency of the heart, while there is no medicine available to increase the efficiency of the heart. The heart of those who do Kapalbhati never stops working suddenly, whereas nowadays a large number of people suddenly die due to heart failure.


Doing Kapalbhati melts any kind of clot inside the body and outside the body, because from Kapalbhati, tremendous energy is created in the body which dissolves the clot, then whether that clot is in breast or anywhere else. Whether it is a brain tumor or cyst of the ovaries or fibroids inside the uterus, because name may be different but the process of clot formation is the same. It helps in every clot dissolving.

Cholesterol increased by Kapalbhati reduces to great extent. The special thing is that the patient’s cholesterol tablet are stopped from the very first day of starting Kapalbhati. Kapalbhati increased ESR, Uric Acid, SGO, SGPT, Creatinine, TSH, Hormones, Prolactin etc. come to normal level.

Kapalbhati makes hemoglobin reach 12 in a month, whereas by consuming allopathic pills of hemoglobin, no one’s hemoglobin can ever increase so much. Hemoglobin from Kapalbhati goes from 16 to 18 in a year. It is considered good to have hemoglobin 16 in women and 18 in men. Kapalbhati causes all the complaints of women’s menstruation to become normal in a month.


Kapalbhati cures thyroid disease in a month, its pills can also be stopped from the first day. Not only this, but a seeker who does Kapalbhati reaches beyond the mind in 5 minutes. The secretion of jaggery hormones starts happening. Stress hormones disappear, mental and physical fatigue dissipates. It also brings concentration of mind.

Kapalbhati also has many special benefits:

  • Kapalbhati increases platelets in the blood. If there are more or less white blood cells or red blood cells, then they become balanced in the prescribed quantity. Everything becomes balanced with Kapalbhati, neither one remains underweight, nor one remains overweight. Being underweight or overweight is both a disease.
  • Kapalbhati cures diseases like colitis, ulcerative colitis, dyspepsia, malaise, convulsions, chronic constipation, anus. Constipation, gases, acidity are also cured. All diseases of the stomach are cured!
  • Kapalbhati cures skin diseases like white spots, psoriasis, eczema, leucoderma, schioderma. There is no medicine available for Skioderma but it gets cured with Kapalbhati. Most of the skin diseases are caused by stomach upset, as the stomach is cured, these diseases also start getting cured.
  • Kapalbhati gives strength to the small intestine, which improves digestion. Due to proper digestion, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, proteins etc. are available to the body, cushions, ligaments, bones start to heal and in 3 to 9 months bone diseases like arthritis, astro arthritis, astro porosis are cured forever.
  • Keep in mind that the body expels calcium, proteins, hemoglobin, vitamins etc. without being digested, because the process of absorption of such drugs made from chemicals by the body is not in the nature of our body itself.

There is a 10% change in bone mass in our body every day, this process continues from birth to death, if it is stopped due to some reason, then bone disorders occur. Kapalbhati keeps this process going continuously, that is why it is necessary to do Kapalbhati regularly

Think, how beneficial is this just one action, that’s why doing Kapalbhati regularly is a great exercise process!!

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