Checkout These Super Amazing Wedding Destinations In India!!

Destination weddings have become a ‘trend’ now. Planning a wedding may be a difficult undertaking, and it becomes even more difficult if you haven’t done your homework. As a result, we’ve thought to assist you with the first and most critical step in planning a wedding i.e., selecting a location.

We have precisely selected the place for you if you want a magnificent destination wedding and have been racking your brains on where to go. Instead of travelling abroad for your big day, try enjoying it at a lovely Indian location. Are you unsure where to go? Don’t worry, we’ve taken care of everything.

Here is a selection of lovely wedding places in India.


Jaipur shouts grandeur and tradition, making it the ideal site for a traditional ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding.’ When it comes to royal weddings, Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, is one of the first names that comes to mind. The ‘Pink City,’ as it is known, is full with stately palaces that make for stunning photo backdrops, and organizing a wedding here is nothing short of a royal occasion!


Udaipur, like Jaipur, is noted for its majestic palaces and ancient forts. The city has been named as “the Venice of the East” because of its rich legacy, culture, and architectural splendor. The city is bordered on four sides by lakes, making it an ideal destination for romance.


Madurai, one of India’s oldest cities, is best visited between October and March. The city has a significant historical significance. Madurai features some of the most gorgeous temples and is built in the shape of a Lotus.


How can we discuss wedding locations without including Goa? Goa is a terrific site for lovebirds to tie the wedding, and it’s a favorite party destination. A vacation wedding here can be pretty great, with gorgeous beaches, spectacular sunsets, exquisite resorts, and an atmosphere that celebrates life.


Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Alibaug is a tranquil retreat just outside Mumbai with some of the most beautiful wedding venues. Many beach weddings have taken place in the town, and they have all been stunning. The location is convenient, budget-friendly, and definitely worth considering, especially if you’re from Mumbai or Pune.

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