Chhavi Mittal Gets Special Treatment From Her Friends Post Surgery!

TV entertainer and Actress Chhavi Mittal recently went through a six-hour long medical procedure(surgery) for breast cancer growth.

Chhavi shared another video which shows her friends and loved ones visiting her in the clinic and giving special care to her.

Chhavi’s friends include Pooja Gaur, Prachin Chauhan, Karishma Randewa Mukhi and Shubhangi Litoria. The video shows her companions’ love for her as someone brushing her hair, someone giving her juice and someone cleaning up her clinic room.

Sharing the video montage on her Instagram account on Thursday, Chhavi made a sweet demand from her friend.

She wants the same pamper even after she becomes better. She composed in the caption, ‘So much Pampered! Prachin Chauhan, who is found in a photograph in the video,commented, ‘Goodness.’ Pooja Gor commented on kissing on face emoticons. Chhavi’s fans also showered love on the video and said that they are glad to see her grinning.

Chhavi has been sharing updates about her disease fight with her fans since the time she revealed her sickness recently. Sharing an image of herself from an emergency clinic bed on Tuesday morning, she enlightened her regarding his fruitful medical procedure, proclaiming that he is presently ‘disease free’.

She wrote, ‘The medical procedure endured six hours, numerous methods were done and it is a difficult experience to recuperate, however the best part is getting better now is just going. The most exceedingly terrible thing is finished”.chhavi also thanked her fans for encouraging her in this this brutal moments.



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