Do You Know What Sixth Sense Is? How Can You Improve It For A Better Vision Of Life? A Journey Of Realistic To The Unrealistic World.

All you need to know about the sixth sense and how to open it for a better power of meditation. Are you aware of the sixth sense? We all know the five basic senses are taste, sight, smell, touch, and hearing. But the most important and mysterious sense is a sense from which not everyone is aware.

What is the sixth sense?

The sixth sense is a human being’s ability to perceive something which isn’t there. For instance, you feel like something is going to happen before even actually experiencing them or you dream of something, and it comes true. This happens when you are using your sixth sense.     

The sixth sense is like a mentor for you, it makes it easier for you to choose between the right and wrong things. The sixth sense is a mixture of all other senses which ends up becoming one strong power for you. Everyone is born with a sixth sense but many of us don’t understand how it works. The sixth sense of power helps us become more confident about making decisions.

Sixth Sense
The sixth sense helps you to get those good and bad feelings before planning anything or making a big decision. You must have heard some stories of people that they canceled a train ticket or flight ticket at the last moment just because they didn’t feel good or right about it and some negative intention trying to connect with them and later they got to know that the train or plane they were to ride on crashed.

This is the sixth sense power that makes people get these feelings and prevent their lives from being harmed.

How can you improve your sixth sense?

We all have sixth sense power but we are not able to connect with it just because of all the noise around us.

1. Meditation

Meditation is the most important thing and easiest way to work with your sixth sense. Meditation calms your mind and this is what you need when you want your sixth sense of power to work with you. When you meditate your mind feels calm and relaxed. Meditation helps you to get inner peace of mind.

2. Trataka

Trataka is increasing your concentration power. Take any object can be a candle or lamp or pen. You have to go look at it as long as you can without blinking your eyes. Do it every day and it helps to increase your sixth sense power.

3. Go back to Nature

We all have to get so busy with our work schedules that it is really difficult to spend some time enjoying the beauty of nature.    Sixth Sense

4.Take Time out

We live in a busy noisy world. The more you can tune into the wisdom of silence within you, the more likely it is that you will hear your inner voice speaking to you. This act begins to act on the information that is given to you up to the process of trusting your tuition.

5. Pay attention to your dreams and visions

We all have dreams and visions that lead us in specific directions. Always pay attention to the information that you get and ask what the purpose of this information is and how it is meant to serve you in your life.

6. Follow the signs

Do you hear the same song over and over? Does a particular animal or icon catch your eye? Pay attention to the signs the universe is giving you, there may be hidden meaning in these visible clues.    Sixth Sense

7. Converse with your intentions

Your subconscious mind, intuition, and dreams regularly speak to you. You should consider sending it back.

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