“Eijaz Khan Has Gone Through A Lot In His Childhood,” Reveals His Close Friend Nivedita Basu

Producer-Director Nivedita Basu who is a close friend of Bigg Boss 14 contestant Eijaz Khan revealed that the actor has gone through a lot in his childhood. During an episode, Eijaz Khan has also talked about the same and said that he is not comfortable with anyone touching him. While everyone in the house tried to ask him what happened, his close friend and producer Nivedita Basu revealed that he has had a very tough childhood.

Nivedita Basu Eijaz Khan

Nivedita Basu, who recently directed the web series Tandoor shared that she was surprised to see Eijaz enter the show and that he is a changed man now. “He has gone through a lot in his childhood. I was surprised when he said he is going for the game. I was like, ‘With your nature, temperament and tolerance level, will you be able to sustain?’ But I can see he is a changed man and there are so many people loving him. This is one side a lot of him that people didn’t know.”

Nivedita and Eijaz who has worked together on so many project have known each other for 16-17 years. “I worked on his first project till his last project in Balaji. I was part of Kahiin Toh Hoga, Kavyanjali, Jo Dil Mein Hai…I think all of them. That’s how we got very thick. We were working together at a time when he was doing 5 shows and I was doing 8 shows and we used to literally live on the Balaji sets,” said Nivedita.

Even though the two are not always working together anymore, their friendship has remained as strong as it was before. Nivedita said, “As a producer and as a talent, he will work outside and I will work outside. But I think we are going to be there for each through thick and thin. So anytime if I need him, he will be there and vice versa. I think that is what true friendship is all about. It is not about talking every day or being active on social media or socialising. It’s when you need someone the most, they need to be around.”

Nivedita wants Eijaz to win the show! “I would say he should win Bigg Boss and come! Why not? It is well deserved. He has not got his due for the longest time and if he has chosen Bigg Boss, he should win it. I always say whatever we get ourselves into, we should be on the top, it’s not about what but how we are doing it. What he should have done is his choice, but the way he is doing it, he should win. I am praying for him and I hope his fans also support him through and through and he wins!” she said.

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