Exclusive Rights For Women Every Indian Need To know

“Human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights, once and for all.” – Hillary Clinton

In India, women are often unaware of their rights, and this continues to be a taboo subject in society. Only a well-informed person can tell the difference between right and wrong. The Indian government protects Indian women’s rights by keeping an eye on several women’s issues.    Women's Rights


Here are the rights that an Indian woman has in India, based on gender equality.

  1. Right to maintenance

Food, shelter, clothing, education, health care facilities, and other fundamental necessities of existence are included in maintenance. In addition to an award of maintenance under Section 125 of the CrPC or any other law in force, an aggrieved wife is entitled to support under Section 20 of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005.

  1. Right to equal pay      Women's right


When it comes to salary, pay, or earnings, one cannot be discriminated against based on sex, according to the Equal Remuneration Act’s rules. Working women have the right to be paid equally as compared to men.

  1. Right to dignity and decency

Women’s jewels are dignity and decency. Anyone who tries to snare and undress her modesty is deemed a sinner, and the law clearly states that they will be punished.

Any medical examination process on the accused must be performed by — or in the presence of — another woman if the accused is a woman.


  1. Rights at workplace

You have the right to have a female restroom where you work. It is necessary to provide facilities for child care and feeding in workplaces with more than 30 female employees. The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act allows a woman the ability to make a complaint at her workplace if she is subjected to any form of sexual harassment.

  1. Right against domestic violence    Women;s right

Because of the 2005 enactment of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, every woman has the right to be free from domestic violence.

  1. Women have the right to get free legal aid

Female rape victims have the right under the Legal Services Authorities Act to get free legal aid or assistance from the Legal Services Authority, which is responsible for finding her a lawyer.

  1. Women have the right not to be arrested at night

A woman cannot be arrested after sunset and before sunrise unless there is an extraordinary case on the orders of a first-class magistrate.

  1. Women have the right against being stalked

If an offender follows a woman, tries to contact her to encourage physical engagement frequently despite a clear sign of disinterest, or monitors a woman’s usage of the internet, email, or any other kind of electronic communication, he or she may face legal action under Section 354D of the IPC.

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