How to Become FreeCell Solitaire Master?

No one wants to stay an amateur at FreeCell Solitaire forever. Every once in a while, a groundbreaking win would be a good treat. However, without a good standing though, you can only wish to achieve that pro level! Becoming a FreeCell Solitaire master is definitely achievable as we’ve got you covered with our techniques below. One by one, let’s slowly but firmly learn those ways together!

  • Know the rules inside out

The purpose of FreeCell Solitaire is to build up foundations or HomeCells in their right order from Ace to King. However, the stacks of cards for the foundations must have identical suits. Inserting even one different suit is a no-no. Thus, these basics should be mastered ― like how the cards should be of alternating colors or how they should be arranged in ascending order. When you can do so, you’ve just cleared the first path! 

  • Go with aces right away

The same as gaming with real cards, using your aces is vital when you play Solitaire. Don’t postpone placing these cards on HomeCells! This will make your next moves a lot clearer. But if you wait any longer, you’ll be doing so forever. On the other hand, Solitaire when you begin with your aces, you’ll be maintaining your momentum. As you place an ace at the base, you can lucidly move the cards across the tableau to their designated spots. 

  • Treat your FreeCells carefully

Your FreeCells will be your biggest asset only if you take care of them. So, try to be quick at spotting cards that can be placed on FreeCells. In this way, there’ll be more room for options. This means that when the opportunity arises, you can use those spaces to store cards that aren’t used at the moment. By doing so, you can just build a sequence on the tableau, which will help you win the game faster.

  • Bring out your safe moves and combine well

Players who grew from novices to experts deal with free Solitaire with absolute attention. As a rule, they’re quite particular about aces and twos, which means that you should be in your gameplay, too! Thus, you’d better start out with all your safe moves. Meanwhile, as mentioned before, keep in mind to mark each foundation from Ace to King. Also, if you can, free up an entire column as this will provide you more chances for various moves.

  • Capitalize on the undo button

While doing a classic Solitaire, you should always be in the mood to use the undo button. Although what you’re aiming for is a suave success, in the long run, cut yourself some slack. Anyone who is still starting out will undertake a rather chaotic path to success. Whether your success is smooth or rough, it’s all good. Sooner or later, you’ll be able to get around to the art of undoing a move, and finally winning!


Nailing a FreeCell Solitaire as well as other Solitaire card games may appear impossible to you if you aren’t armed with the right knowledge. Thus, you can bring these above-mentioned tips along your journey toward becoming a masterful player. Likewise, make this collection of strategies as your major ally and start counting your wins when opting for Solitaire online!

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