How To Take Care Of Your Sports Bra?

Sports bras provide the necessary support while running, jumping, jogging, or playing any sport. Since they care for you and your shape, they need special care for a longer lifespan. But when you use it during the workout session, it leaves your sports bra sweaty. It is when it needs a good wash. However, maintaining your bra requires much more than just a good wash. Here is how you can take better care of your sports bra. The following tips will help you lengthen your bras lifespan and keep it fresh and in good condition.

  • Wash your bra after every use

Washing your sports bra after every use is imperative because the workout sessions induce sweat and an unpleasant odour. Even if it does not smell, you should wash it after use. Tossing your bra back in the wardrobe will cause bacteria to build up in the bra’s fibres. And the skin is prone to yeast infection. You may also experience rashes or nipple chafing if you do not wash your bra for days. Do not wear the bra for too long time after the workout. Remove it immediately after the sports session, wash it right away, or hang it up to dry in the air until the laundry day.

  • Wash by hands

Since fabrics used in bras are soft, hand washing could be the best way to extend their life. If you use a washing machine for every wash, it can cause damage to the fabric. So, wash your sports bras with your hands instead of washing machines.

  • Have more than two pairs in your wardrobe

How often do you need to buy a new sports bra? It depends on how regularly you put them on. If you wear them daily, your bras will have a shorter life unless you have sports bras in decent numbers. The more bras you have, the less frequently you need to wash them. So, do not stick to just one pair of bras or two for the everyday workout. Instead, buy more pieces to extend their life. You can wear them alternatively or depending on your mood on a particular day.

  • Avoid using a dryer

Air-dry your sports bra for a longer lifespan. Using a dryer to dry out your bra may cause elastic to stretch out. Air drying will ensure your bras remain in shape and provide maximum support during the sport session.

  • Do not use harsh detergent

It is crucial to use the right detergent for your bras. Avoid using harsh detergents for washing them. They may cause damage to the fabric, raising the need to replace them with new ones. Mild detergents are available on the market for soft and delicate fabrics. You may use them for your sports bras. Doing this will extend the life of your bras.

  • Store it properly

Proper storage is also critical to give your bras a longer lifespan. Store it in a drawer or hang it up in your wardrobe instead of folding and putting it beneath other garments pieces. In the long run, it can cause the elastic to become stretched out.

To conclude, you can take care of your sports bras by following the above tips. Be careful about washing, drying, choosing detergent, and storing them to keep your bras in shape and good condition.

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