International Food Stations That’ll Be Perfect For Your Wedding

With all the planning of your perfect wedding going on, one of the most important decisions that you’ll be facing will be that, you have to decide on a really awesome catering menu as well. It is said that the way to the guests’ heart is through their stomach, so it makes it really important for you to find the most delicious food from all around the world and include it in your wedding.

It is really important that when you are searching for the wedding caterers in Mumbai, you must see to it that the one you are finalizing will be able to deliver the food options as per your expectations.

Here we have made a list of some really cool food stations with the food options from around the world that’ll be a perfect addition to your wedding

American Style Food Station

When deciding on the international food menu you can always look across the Atlantic and get inspired. The burgers, doughnuts, waffles, and cookies will be some of the best additions to the wedding catering menu. You can include some finger foods that’ll be really great for the guests to carry along so that they won’t miss out on any fun on the wedding.

Asian Style Food Station

Asia offers some of the best food options in the entire world. Due to the varied culture that’s spread all across Asia, each and every country has its own food options.  India itself is really famous for hundreds of different cuisines that originate from here. Be it the small dumplings with their origins in China, or kimchi in Korea, and even the Vietnamese Salad, every dish will add a great glamour to your live food counter.

Mediterranian Style Food Station

The Mediterranean is not only a perfect destination wedding spot with the beautiful weather that instantly pulls every person’s heartstrings. No one can say no to the continental food. A buffet station with some delicious options like olives, nuts, loaves of bread, cheese bites, coconut chutney will be a really great addition as well.

Thai Style Food Station

Thailand is a perfect mix of busy city life and the simpler lifestyle both coexisting in the same nation. The authentic Thai food is really great and will surely take your tastebuds on a journey with the blast of flavours. The different kinds of Thai curries lined up in a buffet type setting on a food station would be another great addition to the wedding menu.

Mexican Style Food Station

 A Mexican food station has the capacity to make a wedding an absolute hit by itself. It’ll be like heaven for every foodie. You can go a bit more creative with this counter by allowing your guests to choose the ingredients for the mini tacos. Be sure to keep this counter next to the drinks reception as the Mexican food is just perfect accompaniment to the drinks.

Italian Style Food Station

 How can you forget a counter serving the delicious pizzas and kinds of pasta on your wedding? Yes, pizza has a bad reputation of it being a junk food but the real pizza, yes the real Italian Pizza is a delicious, light and crispy snack that can easily be enjoyed with a glass of wine. You can also give your guests an option to choose their own toppings and customise their pizza

These were some great international food counter ideas for food trend that we think will be absolutely perfect for any wedding. Just remember that this is just a list to which you can refer to for the ideas. You’ll also have to ask the caterers too that if they’ll be able to arrange the cuisines that you desire. You don’t need to include all the above options. Just 2-3 will do fine and the more the merrier.