Introduction to Substance Abuse Treatment – How Florida Blue Helps with Rehab Treatment at WhiteSands

With the increase in substance consumption in today’s fast-paced world, there is a growing increase in people abusing drugs and alcohol. According to a study, nearly 60,000 men and 27,000 women die of alcohol and drug-related problems annually, which can be prevented with timely rehab programs.

Finding a rehab program can be overwhelming, especially if you’re considering it for the first time and unsure what to expect. The treatment programs can range from mild to severe, depending on the symptoms and intensity of the addiction. While some patients are agitated to consider the treatment, others immediately show signs of withdrawal, which can overwhelm most of them. That’s where detox comes in!

Detox is the first step to getting better and feeling better. It isn’t a treatment program but incorporating the right way of life. When a person dependent on a substance suddenly stops abusing it, they develop withdrawal symptoms that include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Sweating
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Unstable heart rate and blood pressure
  • Hallucinations
  • Delirium Tremens; and much more

Experts at WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Florida believe that removing comforting factors like family, friends, books, and mobile phones increases a patient’s agitation. Hence, they emphasize eliminating substances of addiction rather than the basic need for entertainment and comfort.

What happens during detox in WhiteSands Rehab?

An expert detox program at WhiteSands rehab center includes the following:

  • A detox exam by nurses and doctors after admission, who check your history of substance abuse and run tests to examine your physical and mental health.
  • Treatment for withdrawal symptoms and a dedicated medical program to treat other issues that may crawl up.
  • Regular check-ups, including heartbeats, blood pressure, temperature, etc.
  • A relaxing meditation area by the pool.
  • Detox rooms equipped with everything to make patients comfortable during treatment
  • Volleyball area and recreation area to refresh the patients’ minds and body.

In addition, patients are also exposed to various recreational games, art therapy sessions, relaxing massages, and much more. The people at WhiteSands rehab believe in not only removing the dependable substance from the system but also treating cognitive behaviors and disorders that caused addiction in the first place. Hence, they also offer psychotherapy sessions.

Generally, before the beginning of the rehab therapy, patients are provided separate rooms for 14-21 days when nurses and specialists carefully monitor them. They also have access to the dining and lounge area to relax and spend time. 

How to choose the right program?

If you’re seeking help for addiction, it is essential to dive into the details of various programs offered to choose the best one for your rehab needs. If you’ve struggled to get help for a while and do not have a support network, it is best to choose an inpatient program.

From there, you should consider the quality and cost of treatment. One of the patients’ primary concerns is with the process of covering payments. The patients visiting the WhiteSands drug and alcohol treatment programs generally ask, “does florida blue cover the cost of rehab?

The answer is yes! 

They accept Florida Blue healthcare insurance for Substance Abuse Treatment and provide free drug addiction treatment programs for all Floridians to promote better health for everyone willing to change. In addition, WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab is a member of the abuse and addiction recovery community. They believe that regardless of the financial situation or demographics, addiction treatment should be available for everyone seeking help.

 Usually, general medical health insurance covers rehab costs, but it varies from program to program. Therefore, it is best to enquire about the plan before admission.

Follow-up care

Once you’re done with detox and therapy programs, the chances of relapse can be high when you move to your routine. Hence, WhiteSands Rehab in Florida often schedules appointments for follow-up care to lead a healthy life. This care has options like private therapy, group counseling, a 12-step program, and more, which is also included in the Florida Blue insurance plan.

Key Takeaway

The first step to seeking help is accepting you have a problem. Substance abuse is a complex issue affecting millions worldwide, and seeking professional help is often the best course for individuals struggling with addiction. Unfortunately, finding a reputed rehab center with the right amenities can be daunting for many! Most patients seeking help from rehab centers often seek top-notch facilities and insurance policies. 

Florida Blue, in partnership with WhiteSands Treatment Center, provides effective and evidence-based treatment options for those seeking help with drug or alcohol addiction. Through a comprehensive approach that includes personalized treatment plans, medical detoxification, counseling, and ongoing support, WhiteSands and Florida Blue offer tools and resources to overcome addiction and achieve long-term recovery. 

With their commitment to providing high-quality care, Florida Blue and WhiteSands Treatment Center are positively impacting the lives of individuals and families affected by substance abuse.