Key Things To Know About Maternity Coverage In Health Insurance

Maternity redefines women. It is one of the most beautiful phases of women’s life. The health of the mother and the child is so crucial at this stage. Naturally, it becomes essential to secure their health and well-being. Health Insurance that provides coverage for maternity offers necessary financial support at the time of need. But what are the features that Health Insurance offers to secure the health of the mother and the child? It is critical to know them before purchasing a policy. 

Normally, many regular medical insurance plans provide cover for maternity and delivery expenses. Hence the need for going for a dedicated maternity health insurance plan is not necessary. A comprehensive medical insurance plan provides coverage for various maternity-related expenses including newborn baby expenses, vaccination charges, etc. Here are some of the features that maternity insurance covers.

Delivery Expenses

Delivery expense cover is one of the common coverage that many Health Insurance plans provide. It includes both normal and C-section deliveries. Most of the policies provide this cover for up to two deliveries. However, in many plans delivery expenses are covered after a certain waiting period. 

New Born Cover

Many Health Insurance policies provide cover for the medical expenses of newborn babies without any additional premium. Such cover usually starts from the 91st day of the birth of the baby. However, some medical insurance policies cover newborn medical expenses from the 16th day and even from the first day of the birth of the newborn. This ensures that medical support for the newborn is readily available. 

Pre and Post Natal Care

Keeping in mind the importance of women’s health during pregnancy and after childbirth, many medical insurance plans provide cover for pre- and post-natal care. Some policies offered by Star Health Insurance cover outpatient expenses incurred for ante-natal care after the confirmation of the pregnancy. This reaffirms the health of the mother and the child. 

In Utero Fetal Surgery

One of the attractive benefits that some Health Insurance plans offer is the coverage for In Utero Fetal Surgery. This surgery is performed on the fetus in the uterus to improve the long-term health of the child with specific birth defects. Star Women Care Insurance Policy provides cover for this surgery with a waiting period. However, if the treatment is related to the congenital defects of the newborn, then the waiting period will not apply. 

Other Cover

It is interesting to know that many Health Insurance policies provide coverage for assisted reproduction treatments for subfertility. Some policies also cover voluntary sterilization (Tubectomy) expenses for women. In Star Women Care Insurance Policy, this will be covered after a waiting period, provided the woman is married and aged 22 years and above. 

Maternity expenses do not end here. Still, there are many things that need to be taken care of. One such thing is the vaccination for newborn babies. Some Health Insurance plans cover vaccination expenses for newborn babies up to 12 months. And the hospitalisation expenses for newborn babies will also be covered along with room rent, ICU and doctor consultation charges if any, etc. 

Accidents are unpredictable. A good Health Insurance plan takes care of hospitalisation expenses arising out of accidents, thus making one less thing to worry about. In that regard, some medical insurance policies like Star Women Care Insurance Policy cover miscarriages due to accidents by providing a lump sum after a waiting period. 

Maternal health in India is drastically improving, yet we need to go a long way. According to the latest report by the Registrar General of India, the maternal mortality rate has come down to 97 in 2018-2020, which is a significant improvement. The awareness about Health Insurance and its essentiality during the times of pregnancy will further help improve the overall health of women. Health Insurance paves the way to promote gender equality as it provides essential financial support to women. 

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