Most of them, I see,

Wear some Mask, including me.

Masks of different kinds,

To everyone it binds.

Mask of happiness, hiding sadness,

Mask of thoughtfulness, with actual foolishness.

Mask of sanity, with underlying vanity.

Mask of integrity, overshadowing dishonesty.

Mask of smile, covering the tears.

Mask of strength, inside lie the fears.

Mask of external Beauty,

To mask mental Instability.

Masks of different shapes and layers,

Successful they are, to hide true colours.

Everyone has his or her motive and intentions,

Happy we all are, in this Life of pretensions.

We may not harm one another in any way,


We must know, “WHO WE ARE”,

at the End of the Day.

– Gitanjali Jadhav.