Media, Entertainment and Trend Changes

By Abha Makkar

Media always makes an effort to provide the society with not only important information but also with healthy entertainment that blends well with the public.

When it comes to entertainment, we all are very well aware that it never ends but changes itself according to the trends. And recently the trend bar is tilted towards webseries. 

Web Series have subtly but in a short period of time have grabbed the minds of individuals and are liked by them. 

Whether it is America’s Ex-President Donald Trump’s Biography and events or Sacred Game’s action and bold language, Big Bang Theory’s exciting scientific sarcastic characters or Delhi Crimes’ consequential matter episodes.

Each type of web series has not only affected young people but other aged persons have their own effects considering webseries and other OTT platforms.

Also according to the survey taken through the local college students, they had similar views regarding web series.

They were more inclined towards webseries than movies. They too prefer the OTT platforms rather than the actual movie theatres and were told that Covid situation has helped them to gain interest in such entertainment platforms.

Whereas, these entertainment platforms have less of the censorship and restrictions when it comes to the scenes used in it. That’s also a big reason why the youngsters are into webseries on such platforms where they can properly relate to the matters shown on their personal notes.

Though, every coin has two sides, similarly this impacts everyone in their own unique way and individually affects how they process all the scenes and play.

However, the trends and entertainment tools always have their twisted ends. They show us how the changes happening around changes the mindset of the public. It also reminds that no matter what swaps or substitutes may occur, entertainment would stay.

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