Microneedling Recovery: What to Expect After Your Treatment

With aging, every individual becomes a victim of various skin concerns such as sun damage, acne breakouts, acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, and the like. While these issues mainly affect the appearance of our skin, they are also deeply linked with our mental health. 

Once these skin issues become more prevalent and visible, they can affect ones self-esteem negatively and may also make them prone to anxiety and depression. Microneedling can be a safe and cost-effective treatment for all these skin conditions. 

What is Microneedling? 

Microneedling is an innovative cosmetic procedure that stimulates blood circulation in the skin while being minimally invasive. 

Its main aim is to increase collagen production and reduce the appearance of scars and signs of aging in the skin. From preventing wrinkles to sun damage and reducing acne scars to skin dullness, it can address many skin concerns and issues. 

What are the Results You Can Expect from Microneedling? 

Once people start aging, skin issues such as enlarged pores, wrinkles, stretch marks, and acne scars start becoming your skins enemy. They become more frequent and can lead one to feel insecure about their appearance. 

An invasive option to reduce the severity of these signs is microneedling, which can serve many benefits in maintaining the well-being and health of your skin. 

  • Decreased Signs of Aging 

As people start getting old, the signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and the like, become visible and more prevalent, which can affect ones appearance and self-esteem. 

Microneedling can help in removing these signs of aging through the creation of micro punctures in the skin and stimulating its remodeling. This results in the reduction of stretch marks, discoloration, and wrinkles. 

  • Smoothened Appearance of Scarring 

Microneedling is a medical procedure that can also be beneficial in reducing and smoothening the appearance of scarring. 

The needle in the procedure breaks collagen bundles in the dermissuperficial layer, which results in producing scars with subsequent induction of an instant increase in collagen under the epidermis. 

By increasing collagen production and elastin fibers in the skin, it makes the skin toned, firm, and smooth. 

  • Brightened Skin

Microneedling is also helpful in addressing the overproduction of pigment. By breaking up the cells, it can lead to the regeneration of the top layers of the skin. 

It is a powerful source of collagen production, due to which the consequences of sun damage and hyperpigmentation can be reversed, resulting in brighter and lighter skin. It can also reduce sun spots and help in repairing and restoring the vitality of the skin. 

  • Faded Dark Spots 

Microneedling triggers the disintegration of melanin clumps in the skin for healing hyperpigmentation and fading dark spots. It helps in improving the quality of the skin through its wound-healing response, which lightens the complexion according to ones original skin tone. 

It can inhibit melanin synthesis and increase skin cell turnover, thereby fading dark spots as well as age spots. 

  • Many Skin Conditions are Addressed

Microneedling uses a process called dermal remodeling, which helps the skin repair itself through its natural stimulation. The initial step in this process is inflammation, which enables the skin to produce fresh collagen. 

These are elastic fibers that help in tightening the skin, making it smooth and thereby keeping it youthful. Through all of these processes, microneedling helps in keeping many skin conditions and problems at bay. 

Is Microneedling Safe and Effective? 

If you have doubts regarding the safety and effectiveness of microneedling, you need not worry because the procedure is carried out by an expert and experienced medical team. 

They will proceed with the treatment only after conducting a proper evaluation to help them gain an insight into your skin health and address all its concerns. 

This is not only done to ensure the success of the procedure but also to help the medical professionals determine if you are an eligible candidate for undergoing this procedure. 

The medical professionals will enhance your skin quality and health by designing a personalized approach for you rather than following a general treatment for every individual. 

Based on your facial features, they will tailor a treatment plan for you that will improve your appearance and address all your skin issues in a safe and effective manner. 

How to Heal Skin After Micro-Needling? 

Here are some tips you can use to heal your skin after microneedling. 

  • Prevent Infection 

Applying a topical antibiotic cream as prescribed by your physician is highly recommended to prevent infection following the microneedling procedure. However, make sure to wash your hands before touching your face. 

In the first few 24 hours after the procedure, its better if you do not apply any kind of makeup as it might cause an unpleasant reaction in the skin. 

Along with this, it is also important to avoid engaging in activities such as swimming, gymming, saunas, and any other activities that cause heavy sweating. You can engage in all these activities once again after 72 hours. 

  • Sun Protection

After microneedling, your skin might become sensitive to the sun in the first few days. As such, applying sunscreen at frequent intervals, at least for the first two weeks after undergoing microneedling, is highly recommended. It is also mandatory to apply sunscreen, particularly before stepping out after the treatment. 

Being out in the sun for a long period of time can also make your skin vulnerable to skin damage, due to which it is always better if you avoid spending a prolonged amount of time under the scorching sun. 

  • Skincare Ingredients to Avoid

After undergoing microneedling, you should initially avoid using a few ingredients such as Retinol, vitamin C, and exfoliants. You must refrain from using skincare products that contain harsh chemicals, glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, and artificial fragrances. 

You should also stay away from products that contain strong anti-ahi formulas in the first few days after the treatment. After 72 hours, you can include these ingredients in your routine gradually once again. 

Final Thoughts 

You might not be able to stop an increase in skin concerns once you start getting older, but that does not mean you cannot prevent it. 

Microneedling is an effective procedure that can help in the prevention of the same. With the various benefits of this procedure mentioned above, you can retain the youthfulness and health of your skin safely and effectively.