Minimalism in Wedding Trends It’s the updated style.

Minimalism is the order of the day, and it is slowly extending its way into wedding trends as well. It is starting to take front and centre stage in the wedding world, inspired by the modern movement in interior design and décor. Clean lines, less clutter, and a contemporary scenario that leaves you gasping in amazement and wonder, that is minimalism in wedding décor these days.

A minimalistic wedding strips away all the unnecessary stuff, so that every décor used helps to serve a purpose all on its own. These help to make the biggest impact as well. Here are some best tips from elite wedding planners on how to make your wedding plans minimalistic, yet tasteful and elegant.


Make it huge with a single design element

Most people equate a minimalist wedding with stark white walls, or minimum of décor, whereas, in reality, it’s about making the most out of carefully chosen design elements that help to serve a definite purpose, and can work together to create a larger design statement. For instance, imagine walking into a room lit up by hundreds of candles, or hundreds of brass lamps, or the way a beautiful centrepiece can take centre stage when strategically arranged in a modern design concept. This is what a minimalistic wedding décor is all about.


Stick to a limited colour scheme

You will be able to create a bigger impact with your wedding décor if you stick to using just one or two colours and let everything else be neutral. For example, find a clean, large space that will allow your décor to speak for itself. If your wedding guests walk into a neutral room and see a beautifully striking line of floral décor in vases down the centre of a long rectangular table, they will definitely be impressed. Flowers in décor never cease to please.


Don’t overdress your tables

For the wedding feast, keep your table linens simple and the china mostly in shades of white. Choose one particular shade of white and stick to it. Skip chair covers, and choose chairs that need no covers and look nice on their own. Allow the chairs and the greenery to give the hints of texture and colour to the room. Chairs that stand out and a runner made of leaves or a centrepiece of succulents lends a refreshing change from all the usual floral arrangements that we see at most weddings these days.

Keep your wedding attire and those of the family, simple yet elegant

Choose fabrics that don’t need to be accessorisedmuch, let your saris or gowns speak for themselves without needing to be over accessorised by long strands of multiple gold or diamond chains. Be simple, yet elegant and choose just one piece of jewellery of your choice that looks elegant with your simple wedding attire. See to it that your wedding guests or at least the immediate family conforms to this simple minimalistic theme in attire as well. Let the simplicity of the attire speak for itself.

A minimalist wedding is for everyone who wants their wedding ceremony to be classy and unforgettable.


Basically Important

Be different and plan your wedding ceremony outside, or in a room with large windows through which light streams in and lends a calming simple feel. If your ceremony is planned to be conducted in the evening, use dimmer café style lights or soft amber colour lights to help set the tone over brighter colours.

Choose a venue that is interesting as it is and doesn’t need much dressing up to make it worthwhile. An interesting venue could be a renovated historic building with exposed brick, large windows, or stained glass windows, and stained concrete floors or an outdoor space perfectly surrounded and shaded with large trees and strung lights. Choose wooden tables that don’t require linens and use centrepieces that permit open or large space that would blend perfectly with the scenery , allowing the beauty of the building or space to shine.

When choosing a menu for a minimalistic wedding, it’s important to focus on quality ingredients. Think of your food presentation as an art on a blank canvas. Give proper thought to choosing dishes that stand alone, rather than those that need much garnishing. Choose a wedding cake that fits in perfectly with the minimalistic surroundings and décor.

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