Mahima Chaudhary who debuted her film Pardes with Shah rukh Khan was nown as a renowned actress untill she took a break from the industry. She was at the peak of her career when she decide to leave it foe her family. And now, in a conversation with media portal, Pinkvilla she opened about stuff that no one else knows about her. Pardes Fame Mahima Chaudhary Talks About Her Break From Bollywood And Being A Single Mother.

Conversing to Pinkvilla, Mahima was asked why did she take a break from films post-2010. To this, Mahima revealed, “Back then, it was very clear that if an actor is married, there is no part for them. There are so many people who braved them before us like Sharmila Tagore ji, Rekha ji, Shabana Azmi Ji, they continued with their work. But generally, the attitude was that oh, she is getting married.”

She further added, “Be it me, or Karisma, mostly it was like that. I didn’t really have any ope but I was keen to start a family, so I was happy. I did do shows and Television in between and do events, films never came, a few parts came here and there which I declined.”

Talking about being a single parent, the actress said, “It was largely difficult for me because I depend a lot. Obviously, I came back and started living with my parents and you depend a lot on your parents. That was the time when my mother was diagnosed with an illness and that was a time when she needed help and she could not be of that great help for raising my child. So, when I left for work, it was like leaving a toddler, and leaving my mother who needed assistance as well, so I had to completely depend on my staff. My dad had to live Darjeeling. Then I had a sister who had a child too and she was single. So, it almost became like we both were raising children together.”

Speaking of her daughter missing having a father, Mahima said that he is very much a part of her daughter’s life. “No, he is very much a part of her life. She has her own equation with him. She goes on holiday and visits him. Until she was 9 even I visited them for holidays, in the last two years, I couldn’t go, because mom has been ill. I haven’t taken a long vacation. They talk every day, they skype, he lives in Bandra, so that is not very far. If I say anything terrible about him, she doesn’t get affected. It is very sorted,” she told. Pardes Fame Mahima Chaudhary Talks About Her Break From Bollywood And Being A Single Mother.