“Sardaar” v/s Grandson, Neena Gupta Nailed It

By Kailash Saini

Neena Gupta has done great work in her latest Netflix original Sardaar ka grandson, Arjun Kapoor and Rakulpreet also played lead roles in the movie. Arjun Kapoor’s character has much of the screen space but does not make the connection with the audience, due to lack of depth in the writing of the movie.

The concept is innovative but not well written. Makers of the movie tried to give more weightage to the “grandson” rather than “Sardaar” but Arjun Kapoor failed in the movie as an actor, he was missing. Sardaar aunty, Neena Gupta has tried and tested acting skills and years of experience that the public used to get mesmerized.

Neena Gupta has done some good work in art films in her initial career but due to lack of screen space and good characters, Neena Gupta remained infamous. But in the movie business. In the movie business, it is impossible to fake the opinion of people, because the content is in the public domain, the public has access to watch it and taking decisions is also up to them.

Nobody has the choice to sell his opinion at 8 pm prime time show, that is what the public should think about. Neena Gupta has gained tremendous popularity after “Badhai Ho” 2018 movie with Ayushman Khurana and others, so why people failed to recognize her talent before 2018, she has accepted that she was not getting work since years and in recent years she has been active and started asking for work.

She gave outstanding performances in Prime Video’s “Panchayat” and many more, her life is remaining controversial always, she is the pioneer in live-in relationship with Viv Richards, and remain unmarried after giving birth to Masaba, and the couple parted their ways after few years, she lives with her terms and condition, quality work proved that everybody has potential, in the creative industry you no more decide the better performer on the basis of sex.

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