Scary Facts About Nail Extensions, You Will Be Shocked To Know!

Acrylic nail extensions and nail art is very much in demand these days. Majority of the girls these days prefer to get nail extensions done rather than growing their own natural nails. The reason behind the popularity of this procedure is, it is very affordable, and provides you beautiful, long, and colorful nails. The best part is that they stay on for maximum two months. There’s no doubt that these extensions look really beautiful and makes your hands look adorable. But these nails are as harmful as beautiful they look, after all, its a chemical procedure. Since, of you will be aware of what nail extensions actually look like and how it is done. So, here we are going to reveal about the scary reality of ‘Nail Extensions’ or just say reasons why you should never get them done!

1) They can be cancerous


As we all know, that it is a chemical based procedure, and it may be cancerous. All sorts of powdered chemicals and strong glues are applied to stick false nails. It blocks your nail bed to breathe and have access to natural air. As a result of it, their are chances of developing fungus & infection, that sometimes may be cancerous.

2) They damage the natural nail bed

To apply acrylic or gel extensions, nail cuticles are removed and nail bed is strongly rubbed using a hard textured nail buffer. This is performed in order to create space on the nail bed for the application of false nail. The strong and continuous nail filing, makes the nail bed become really thin and weak, and results in loss of nail moisture.

3) They are a barrier in performing daily chores

Nail extensions actually disturb you in performing daily activities, as they are long and something heavy can be felt on your nail bed. You will always be very cautious. If you will not be alert, they will get stuck somewhere, get plucked and the pain after that will be unbearable!

4) The removal procedure is very painful

Once the extension gets old, they move upwards on the nail bed and are required to be removed. The false extensions are pasted very tightly and are very difficult to remove. For the removal process, they are plucked away from the actual nail bed using a tool. Tool removal feels very painful and could make you scream. some salons also use , filing techniques for extension removal, but this method is more worse than the plucking method. In plucking method, nails are directly plucked, without any filing, causing lot of pain but less damage. But filing method, ruins the nail bed, and the actual nails never grow strong like before!

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