Stress Can Get You Heart Attack. Here’s How To Deal With It.

Stress has become an important part of everyone’s life these days. Increasing workload and other responsibilities can increase your stress levels. However, excessive stress is harmful to health in many ways. This is not only a problem in itself, but it also increases the chances of men getting heart disease. It raises your blood pressure, and it is not good for your body to be constantly exposed to stress hormones.

According to studies, stress can also change the way blood clots, making heart attack more likely. If stress is not managed properly, it can make a person more likely to have heart disease, high blood pressure, chest pain, or irregular heartbeat. Sometimes habits like smoking, overeating, or not exercising make the condition worse. So let us tell you today what measures men can adopt to reduce the chances of heart attack and manage stress properly:-


Do Exercise

Health experts suggest that exercise can be extremely helpful in reducing your stress levels. In particular, you must exercise for 30 to 40 minutes four to five times a week for better heart health. This helps you maintain a healthy weight as well as manage blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels. At the same time, due to exercise, the level of stress in your body is also reduced. Regular exercise also reduces the chances of a person getting depression or heart disease to a great extent.

Loved ones

Find Support System

Research has shown that if a person has a good support system, for example, can trust and talk to a person, then the level of stress and the risk of heart disease are reduced to a great extent. . If you already have heart disease, this same network can help reduce your risk of a heart attack. At least one person you can trust takes the heavy burden off you and provides comfort. A strong support system also helps you take better care of yourself. Research shows that a lack of social support increases the likelihood of engaging in unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, eating a high-fat diet, and drinking too much alcohol.


How To Treat Stress

If you already have heart disease, depression and anxiety can increase your risk of dying from heart disease. Research suggests that prolonged anxiety or emotional stress may increase the risk of sudden cardiac death. To reduce your anxiety level, try stress-reducing activities such as yoga, meditation, or other methods. Talk to your doctor and ask about medications that may help.

Reduce Work Stress

Reduce Stress From Work

Many studies show that demanding jobs these days may offer you a good salary or opportunities, but they also make you very stressed, which increases your chances of heart disease or heart attack. So try to reduce your work stress. Do something that is relaxing and that you enjoy. This can be reading, walking, or taking deep breaths. A counselor can also suggest measures to help you reduce your work-related stress.

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