Sushmita Sen’s Sister-in-law Charu Asopa Hints The Reason For Separation With Rajeev Sen!

The breaking relationship between Sushmita Sen’s brother and sister-in-law has come into the spotlight once more. Before very long, there was a discussion of the partition of Rajiv Sen and Charu Asopa on the internet. As indicated by reports, the couple attempted a few times to retouch their dissipated wedded life. Yet, this time the matter has gone so far.

What is the reason for their detachment? 

‘Mere Angne Mein’ fame entertainer Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen had vowed to constantly uphold each other by getting married in 2019. The more love was between the couple before marriage, the harsher it began after marriage. It is being expressed that there is a major difference in the thinking of Charu and Rajiv. That is the reason after marriage, quarrels began on everything in the couple. The family attempted to sort it, however, both didn’t understand.

Charu Instagram post

Rajeev and Charu are getting separated. This news has come out not once yet commonly. Yet, every time the two of them meet up and are informed that all the news concerning their marriage is bits of rumours. A couple of days prior, a news article distributed in E-Times said that the marriage of Sushmita Sen’s brother is very nearly separating. Not just this, the issue of separation of Rajiv-Charu has additionally arrived at the court.

Simultaneously, Charu shared a post connected with the relationship on Instagram. The post said, ‘Distance doesn’t cut off the relationship, however fewer conversations and late answers can break the relationship.’

Amidst the fresh insight about separation, Charu Asopa’s post is giving hints concerning what is the issue in their marriage. There is a trace of validity in the insight about Rajiv-Charu’s separation. Otherwise, the actress would not delete each photograph of her better half from her Instagram. On top of that this post is saying a ton. We hope everything works out positively between the couple soon.

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