The Concept of Ultra Rich Marriages- Matchmaking for millionaires.

Mr. Saurabh Goswami

In the Era of online matchmaking, Ultra Rich Match is a premium brand in the millionaire match making industry. The unique proposition of the company is its dedicated focus on providing matrimony for the Elite. Let’s know more about the company and how it really works.


What have been your experience with a rich kid’s personal life? When it comes to asking them for the personal life – affairs, inhibitions and habits

Today’s youth are surprisingly clear about what they want in terms of choosing their life partner. Gone are the days when parents used to decide who their kids would marry. Leave love marriages, even in arranged marriages, parents give priority and importance to their children’s choice.

In case of the rich kids that we have come across in the course of last 8 years since the inception of Ultra Rich Match, most of them have been very well educated and well placed, career-wise. Not to mention they have had more than their share of adventures and escapades, usually during their studies abroad.

But believe it or not, after coming back to India, most have returned to an ideal Indian lifestyle.


Have you been approached by girls and boys to get them fitted with a certain partner of their liking?

Our Director, Mr. Saurabh Goswami makes it a point to talk to parents and prospects separately at least once about their preferences. Of course, there are always some differences between the two generations, but these are usually pretty minor.

So yes, in last 8 years we have had a few cases where prospects have approached us directly to “arrange their love marriage”.

Anu and Mohit had grown up in same social circles. Their fathers and mothers were in the same social groups.

So somehow both set of parents were of the mind-set that their kids were more like siblings, and did not even consider their match while starting to look for their respective prospects! But this was not to be. Somewhere somehow, both had fallen big time for each other.

So, while their parents rejected their profiles at first glance, Anu and Mohit approached us separately to ask if we can do anything about this issue. To maintain confidence and secrecy of both kids, we had to seriously undermine all other profiles that we were showing both parents.

Even Anu and Mohit had to maintain an aloof careless attitude towards each other in this process. But we were able to finally fulfill this challenge in 6 months.

The happy couple memorably thanked us by sending souvenirs from 8 different countries while on their Europe honeymoon!


Do parents of the elite class get their children eligible to be married fitted out with somebody as per family status?

In a typical Indian mentality, most parents get over confident that they won’t face any problems while looking for a prospective match for their children because of their wealth. However, most of the times its this wealth that creates problem in the matrimonial journey.

When the financial statuses are similar, the lifestyles of both families are also similar. Their children visit similar exclusive clubs, drive similar cars and wear similar branded clothes. Therefore, there are very few adjustments to be made after marriage from both sides.


Given the higher rate of divorce in the ultra rich? What are the common causes?

The reasons for increased divorces amongst the Ultra Rich are multifold.

Firstly, the increasing marriable age is a major factor. After a certain age, one tends to get accustomed to certain personal ways and mindset. This creates problem in adjusting to another such willful person. And marriage is all about adjustment and compromise, especially during the initial years.

Secondly, the parents of Ultra Rich kids have always granted them their every wish. So, from the beginning, they are used to getting everything. After marriage, since neither has ever compromised in life, such clashes invariably end in a divorce.

Another factor is that the Ultra Rich no longer fear the society. For the middle class, there is still a social stigma attached to getting divorced. On the other hand, the western influenced upper class, are quicker to arrive at the decision to get divorced.

Fourthly, the generation – X has become a lot more materialistic than previous generations. While earlier, more emphasis was laid on family background, parental values/ morals, these days clients are placing more importance on financial background, salary packages. In fact, even on the kind of car the other person has or whether they live in a bungalow or a flat! We had a client who rejected so many good profiles because she herself was Harvard passout and did not want to settle with anyone educated in anything other than an Ivy League college.


Finally, is the concept of marriage and married life undergoing to see change?

Concept of marriage has been changing throughout ages. During the last century, love marriages were not acceptable in Indian culture. In fact, parents decided on their children’s partners without even telling them!

The turn of the 21st century saw a small peak in love marriages, but as per a recent study, the trend of love marriage is again on decline.

The trend today is of arranged-love marriage. Parents respect their children’s preferences and the children understand their parents’ concerns, hence coming to a sort of compromise.

Coming to the optimistic changes in the marriages, the caste barriers are slowly and steadily disappearing. Also, the emphasis on the bride’s skin color is being overtaken by her intellect and smartness. When it comes to choosing a life partner these days, the acronym TDH is no longer Tall Dark Handsome, but Talented (workwise and otherwise), Dependable (to take care of the family along with his work) and Helpful (especially in household chores).