The Director Told Laal Singh Chaddha Rubbish; Said, “No One Was Found Who Praised The Film”

Director Prakash Jha has called Aamir Khan’s ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’ rubbish. Talking about the failure of the film, the director said that the film cannot be made by paying only money, corporates and high fees to the actors. Not only this, but Prakash Jha has also answered whether the box office collection of Aamir’s film has been affected due to the boycott trend? Not only is Aamir Khan in shock due to the flop of ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’, but the entire film industry is upset. Experts believe that due to the cancellation culture, the film’s earnings have been dented. But Prakash Jha does not think so.

Prakash Jha says that if the content of a film is good then it will definitely work. While promoting his upcoming film “Matto Ki Saikal”, Prakash Jha says, “It is a wake-up call for the film industry. He should understand that he is making rubbish films. A film cannot be made just by paying huge fees to the corporates and actors. There is a need to write a good story, which understands the audience and also entertains them.”

Prakash Jha further says, “People of Hindi industry talk in Hindi language but what are they making? They are only contemplating making remakes. If you don’t have a story to tell, stop making films. Do it. The boycott trend was always there. The only thing is that now people are expressing their views on social media. If films like Dangal, Lagaan were flop at the box office, then we could understand that it was because of boycott. But you have made a film that no one is able to connect with, so how will it make money. I have yet to find anyone who has said, ‘Wow, what a film it was.” Finally, Prakash praised Aamir Khan’s effort, saying, “I agree that you have worked hard and put in every effort, but when the content of your film is not the only factor, you cannot say that Your film didn’t work because of the boycott.”

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