The Great Indian Migration And Much More…

Edits | February, 2023

Rahul Gandhi Yatra

Successful so far in getting the rhetoric from all political parties and sundries. However, whether it will have the effect of getting the Congress back on track is still debatable as most of the office bearers of the Congress are weary of getting the Gandhis back into the driving seat. It is appreciable that Rahul Gandhi has endeavoured to be seen out in the public and away from his foreign sojourns which were taking away most of his time.

It also gives the political parties a chance for a well-defined opposition, which was missing so far. The funding for such a yatra is definitely not an issue for a party like Congress having reaped the benefits of being in power for almost half a century. Without taking sides in this editorial, politics and its power does not remain with one person all the time. As Modi loses his grip on his BJP mates and seems to be in suo moto control of all of the media, the ground report does not seem to appreciate Modi’s claws anymore. There are holes in the BJP functionaries as seen in the wrestling Federation of India follow-out. Further, the Hindenburg report on the Adani group damaged the prospects of that company, even when it went ahead and bought a media company which would have had the same effect that the Hindenburg report had on the recently filed FPO.

Babas are making hay of the Indian populace. The new urban middle class and the upper middle class are hullabaloo about the new urban babas they are following. A whole lot of new Babas have suddenly cropped up in various parts of north India and drive a huge following. Usually, these centres attract very small faces and have a high level of women audience who come to seek blessings, some words of wisdom, and to bond with a certain kind of community. Though it may be termed as disastrous for a family which is a small ecosystem in itself, to be disturbed by the thoughts of somebody who is offering larger advice to all and sundry.

It is advised that caution be exercised in getting communes with societies that are following a certain Baba since they are not banned by any stretch of the imagination, and are only fun for seekers for building a small little empire or kingdom to support their kinship. There is not one example of community welfare which has come out of Baba-like endeavours. But the most famous ones run companies which are some of the largest FMCG companies in India, purely on the merits of business and real business at that. Hence to say that a Baba is going to heal me and give directions for a better life is not just a far-fetched thought but a hoax which has been planted in a devotee’s mind.

Pakistan In Turmoil

All three island nations across the Indian continent are in turmoil. Starting with Sri Lanka where China had laid out its plan, Pakistan has followed a similar pattern. Though the problem with Pakistan is twentyfold with internal upheaval, US intervention and their own civil army tussle. However much can be attributed to China’s presence for economic reasons. The worst hits are children and women, with an uncertain future of what will happen to their livelihoods and education. Migrating from Pakistan is a lot more difficult than migrating from any other country in the world, and even if you were to migrate, getting a job for a Pakistani is a lot more difficult than it is for an Indian. One could safely say that the present position of Pakistan and Sri Lanka will not change in the coming future and that these two states will integrate into internal war economies (constant civil war situation) with little or no control of the government. Lest they may be colonised for the personal gains of either the large companies on the planet or some sort of a pseudo-religion, which may offer better economy and security for the common citizen. Though the latter is quite far-fetched and still some time away, it will eventually happen, as no other country in the vicinity would like to accommodate these two countries as their own.

With the plummeting value of the Pakistani rupee, it can be safely said that nothing is safe there. There is large-scale migration over the porous borders of Pakistan, and since it is a country which does have an urban space, most of the population is now living in the fear of what would happen next.

The great Indian migration is worse for the middle class. The educated urban middle class and the young always like to come and work in large metros seeking higher salaries and opportunities in business. Now is the time and age when this mindset has to change since there has been a lot of caste cleansing in their own states. Migrating to a larger metropolis usually means getting out of the clutches of caste status for the young, which also translates into getting an opportunity to make more money.

With the advent of technology, and that companies are now looking to hire talent from any nook and corner of the world, it is easier for the migrating urban middle class consisting of young talent to seek jobs over the internet, or migrate into an appropriate non-metropolis area for their living. Usually, youngsters do not think about being precise in relocating themselves and end up in a dark large city which has a higher cost of living and a fluid lifestyle. Hopefully, this mindset will evolve in the coming years as the largest cities get locked with traffic jams and are not such a good place to live emotionally than one’s own country.

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