10 Cool And Easy Ways To Win Back Your Glowing Face Post-Covid

The second wave of the Corona Pandemic caused a furore in the country. During this, not only did many people lose their lives, but they also won the battle against serious infection in the hospital. Most people have recovered or are recovering from the second wave infection, but many people are facing some health-related problems even after recovery. One of these is also related to the skin. Along with the body, the effect of Covid also affects the skin. The disease takes away the glow and lustre from the skin. Also, wearing a mask for hours starts acne.

If you are also struggling with skin related problems after Covid recovery, then today we are giving some tips which will help you find the lost glow of your face.

Follow these tips to get glowing skin:

  • Start your day with a workout and then by sipping herbal tea. Make sure to add medicines like turmeric, Ashwagandha, cinnamon to this tea.


  • Add healthy things to the diet, which are easy for the body to digest.
  • Do light breathing exercises daily.
  • You can also do home remedies for the skin. For this, use neem and turmeric in face packs. This will not only clean the dirt off the face but will also bring a glow.
  • Drink milk mixed with raw turmeric before sleeping at night. Apart from being anti-inflammatory, it also helps in getting good sleep.


  • Make sure to follow the skincare routine before sane. This will keep your skin fresh. Also, use eye cream for the eyes.
  • Many people also go through hair loss after covid recovery. For this, do not forget to massage the hair with oil, as well as use a mild shampoo. To stop hair fall, apply a hair pack according to your hair type.
  • Make sure to take a healthy diet and supplements, so that along with your health, the skin is also good. Along with eating zinc and vitamin C, you should also apply a cream containing vitamin C on the face, which will make the skin glow.
  • Minimize the use of sanitizers. The chemicals in it can harm your skin. Instead, wash your hands with soap and apply the cream.
  • Due to the continuous wearing of masks, the complaint of acne has become common. For this, keep changing the mask during the day. Not only do masks irritate the skin when rubbed against the face, but wearing them creates a warm, moist environment, which gives acne bacteria a chance to grow.

Stay Healthy And Get The Glowing Skin Too.

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