Have your favorite skincare products stopped delivering the result they used to offer? Are they not able to stand up to your expectations anymore? Are you planning to change the products? Read out this article before you make any decision. 

We can understand how frustrating it can be not to get the desired result from your trusty products anymore. But in case you are using Louis Widmer dermatologic products, you may not face these types of problems. 

5 Major Reasons Why Your Skincare Products Are Not Delivering Results

There has to be some reason why your products are not working in a proper harmony though you are following all the necessary skin care tips for beautiful skin. Here are some major reasons that might be lying behind this problematic situation. 

  • Your Skin Has Reached Its Optimum Level

You might be thinking that your skincare product is not working anymore because your skin has become immune to that product. Well, your skin never gets immune to any product. The actual reason behind your not seeing any visible result is your skin has reached the optimal level. 

With regular use, it becomes hard to notice the dramatic changes as they once were shown. This is also the reason why vitamin C serums do not offer further skin brightening effects because your skin has already touched the optimal level with the particular product. 

  • You Have Too Much Dead Skin Cells

Every 28 days, your skin cells renew themselves. During that time of skin renewal, a layer of dead skin cells forms on the surface of the skin. But if the dead skin cells accumulate too much, it works as a barrier between your actual skin and the products you are using. 

The layer of dead skin cells prevents the products from getting absorbed in the skin. So, do not forget to exfoliate your skin on a regular basis with a good scrub or exfoliant. Otherwise, your skincare products will not be able to show the desired result. 

  • Your Skin Is Not Properly Cleansed

Skincare experts or dermatologists always emphasize the importance of cleansing for your skin. It is crucial to cleanse your skin properly before applying any product. Just imagine you are applying a new coat of pain without fixing the old flaxes of your wall. 

After applying a great quality of paint, your walls will not look beautiful because you have not cleaned up the flakes. The same goes for your skin too. It does not matter how expensive and the top-notch product you are using; without proper cleansing, they will not work. 

  • Your Skin Has Changed

Any type of skin condition change can affect how your skin is reacting or will react with the product you are using. It might cause a product to stop working for your skin type that used to work great. 

Some hormonal changes can play the role of the culprit here. Also, you can not forget that with age, your skin also changes. So, if that is the reason, you need to switch to a different product on the basis of your present skin condition. 

  • Ingredients Of Your Products Have Degraded

In case you have been using the same product for some time, the ingredients present in it might have degraded. This also can be a major reason why the product is not showing the desired result it used to provide you. 

This issue is often encountered with skin creams, which are kept in containers or jars. It also can be the reason for not storing the product properly. So, always follow the storing instructions for all the skin care products you are using. 

A Brief Solution

Apart from all the reasons, there also can be some other reasons like not properly using the products, or the change of season or external weather condition, not handling the product correctly and getting contaminated. 

So, make sure that you are following a proper guide for applying and handling the products you are using. Consult with a dermatologist and develop a daily skincare regime to get more enhanced results and better health of your skin. 

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