5 Things You Should Stop Applying On Your Face Immediately, Check It Out!

A lot of beauty gurus have been sharing their DIYs online to achieve great skin. While their videos look convincing, it is not always going to do wonders to your skin. Sometimes, the ingredients that they mention like lemon, toothpaste, garlic, etc can harm your skin in more ways than one.

Different skins should be treated differently and you must know yours. Here are a few ingredients that should be avoided if you do not want breakouts and acne.

1. Lemon 

What you shouldn’t be doing is rubbing slices of lemon on your face! Lemons have many benefits, but applying their juice on your face won’t do you any good. Lemons contain a chemical called psoralen, which can make your skin sensitive to light. If you go out after applying lemon juice on your face, it can irritate or even burn your skin.

2. Toothpaste 

Many people apply toothpaste on their face to get rid of blackheads and zits, but it’s not recommended at all, as it can lead to the development of burns or infections in the affected area. In fact, your pimples may just look a bit too red after having toothpaste dabbed on them.

3. Sugar 

Sugar is commonly used in DIY scrubs for the face and other areas of your body. But using sugar as an exfoliant on your face can be abrasive for your skin. It can scratch your soft skin, causing micro-tears, so it’s best avoided.

4. Hot Water 

Steam facial works great for your face but using warm water thinking it will kill bacteria can rather be harmful. It can take the moisture out of the outermost layer of the skin, leaving it dry. You can wash your face with lukewarm water, or opt for a steam facial.

5. Coconut Oil 

Now this one is especially for people with oily skin. Similar to body lotion, coconut oil is viscous, which is why the skin on your face takes time to absorb it. This leads to the oil clogging your pores, leading to breakouts and acne. So, if you are keen on using oils on your face, use olive oil, but in limited quantities.

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