7 Benefits of Having Oranges In Winter

In India, oranges have been there as one of the oldest fruits. It was first founded in southeast India and was made world known by Christopher Columbus. It is one of the most versatile fruits one can ever find. The winters are hitting the country and it is the season of oranges. The taste and benefits of oranges are unmatchable. So here are a few reasons why one should have oranges in winters.

Good for Skin:
Oranges contain a good amount of Vitamin C. It has been seen that Vitamin C improves the quality of the skin and helps in anti-wrinkles and also makes your skin healthier. So oranges are a must for anyone who is looking for tight and healthy skin.

No to Calories: Oranges are very rich in fiber, which keeps a person fuller and stops the curb of having food. Therefore, orange is a must-have for those looking to keep their food intake and weight in check.

Digestion Check: As mentioned earlier oranges are full of fiber, which helps in digestion. One should not discard the pulp of oranges even while having juice since it’s full of fiber. So oranges are a must to compete with those winter cravings.

Immunity Against Cough and Cold: The winters come with their problems. One of the most common is the cough and cold due to change of weather which affects the temperature of the body. Oranges are rich in Vitamin C which helps the body to fight cough and cold. So an orange a day keeps cough and cold away.

Check to Heart Diseases: Here is a one for those looking to keep their heart in check. Oranges are not only just full of fibers but also are equally full of potassium. Research has shown that high potassium intake helps in lowering the risk of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. A cup of orange juice which also contains its pulp is equivalent to 14% of the daily potassium intake requirement.

Blood Pressure Not an Issue
: As mentioned earlier oranges contain a good amount of potassium which relaxes the blood vessels in our body which reduces the blood pressure in the body. So another reason to consume the citrus fruit in winter.

Cancer: As if it couldn’t have ended better, oranges help to fight cancer too. Vitamin C is an excellent fighter against the free radicals that causes cancer and oranges are full of Vitamin C.

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