7 Bridal Portrait Ideas; Check It Now

We’ve all been waiting for this big day. On the day we wear our wedding dress, the room is filled with love and flowers. You’re surrounded by the people who are important to you and your partner. But before you walk down the aisle, you must do meticulously prepare the details of your wedding and that includes having your bridal portrait taken.

When in search of a wedding idea, it’s nice that you check out wedding trends to keep you on the clock about the latest trends of the year and see if you’d like to incorporate them into your wedding. 

Having your bridal portrait taken is necessary as it’ll be a great memory to look back to when you’re old. It’s one of your last days as a single woman so, you need to make it count. With a bridal portrait, you’ll have a great photo session that you’ll surely enjoy and will surely not regret.

Listed below are different bridal portrait ideas: 

Glowing Bride 

Give your best smile to express your happiness about your wedding day. The photographer could also choose to take a candid photo of you smiling and laughing about how you’re new to this kind of photoshoot. Your radiant smile will reflect your happiness about the day, making it flawless and genuine. It’s one of the best bridal photos to take as it captures true emotions you have about your wedding day. 

Maximize your Location  

Wherever you’re planning to have a bridal portrait at a beach or a forest, make sure that you’ll be able to maximize the location for better photos. Don’t be afraid to bring your props like wedding flowers to achieve your dream photo results. You can also choose a theme for your bridal portrait such as magical, royal, or natural. It depends on your actual preference.  

Under the Veil 

Your wedding day is probably one of the few times that you get to wear a veil. It would be nice that you get to take romantic photos under your veil for that true bridal vibe.  

Some photographers can work their way off with the veil and provide you an amazing photo that’s truly a work of art. 

Preparation Session 

For a more natural moment, you could have a bridal portrait that shows you preparing for the big day. What’s great about this is that it helps to show a more natural mood that displays the real you.  

You could show that you’re drinking tea, doing your makeup, fixing your hair, fitting your gown, wearing your shoes, putting on your accessories, and appreciating your bridal bouquet. With this kind of photos, you’ll be having a softer touch to your bridal photos to take you away from any formal photos. 

Gown Photoshoot

You could take photos showing the silhouette of the gown most especially if it’s form-fitting. You probably worked hard for that figure to look good in the photos, why not make the most out of it and take stunning ones?

Add Something Sentimental  

If you have something old or something borrowed from your family, it would be a great idea to focus on it in one of your bridal portraits. 

Take jewelry for example. When you’re wearing a family heirloom, you should ask your photographer to take a photo that focuses on that object. It’ll give your photo a more personal touch that your family would appreciate when they see the photos.  

Editorial Style 

If you’re a fan of editorial magazines, you’d probably want the same kind taken for your wedding day. Show your photographer your photo inspiration for editorial photos that you want to have. Just make sure that it’s achievable given your location and clothing.  


Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life. It’s highly encouraged that you try to get a great photo to remember something by when you walk down memory lane after a few years.  

As a dashing bride, having your bridal portrait taken would be a great idea to keep the memories alive. It’s not necessary to have your bridal portraits taken but most brides prefer to have one. It would be actually nice to have one especially if you have enough budget for it.  

Having your bridal portrait taken would be a great trial run to see how you’ll look like on your actual wedding day. In this way, you can add more touch to your look on your big day. 

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