Affordable Abroad Honeymoon Trips: 5 Cheapest countries to visit from India For Romantic Honeymoon

Wedding is altogether a new experience and everyone wants to go on a honeymoon. These places below will give you a luxirious and romantic honeymoon experience that you will remember for the rest of your life that too within budget. Planning a trip abroad seems like a huge burden of your wallet? It is just a travel myth. Here is a list of places you can travel outside India without making your wallet cry.


A country with beautiful amalgamation of nature, history and heritage. In short a paradise and perfect getaway.
Per Day Stay Cost: If you decide to stay in the basic goog hotel, you can manage in less than INR 3000 per night for the stay.
Cost of Food Per Day: A 3-course meal in a mid-range restaurant will cost you approximately INR 800.
Transportation Cost: Taxi fare starts from INR 35 for 1 km.

Sri Lanka

Beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine and connection to Ramayana, this place has a lot to offer to India. It is a budget-friendly neighbor to visit.
Per Day Stay Cost: Choose hostels or Airbnb and reduce the per day stay cost to as low as INR 700-1000 per night
Cost of Food Per Day: INR 300 – 1000 depending on the place you choose to dine
Transportation Cost: Take trains to travel. It will cost you from INR 120 onwards and give you some amazing picturesque views to savour.


Known for its Buddhist monasteries and French architecture this mountainous country has a lot to offer.
Per Day Stay Cost: You will get dorm rooms ranging from INR 400-800 per night. If you wish to stay in a hotel the per night charges will range from 1000 and above depending on the facilities you wish to avail.
Cost of Food Per Day: Restaurant prices for Lao food are around INR 200. Restaurant prices for Western food cost INR 300 and above. Street food will range anywhere between INR 120-200.
Transportation Cost: Overnight buses cost from INR 1200-1500, you may rent bikes for INR 150-300 and tuk-tuks will cost anywhere between INR 250 and above depending on the distance.


This place provides you an insight of rich culture in a modern cityscape. Put this place on your list as it cheap yet perfect relaxation spot.
Per Day Stay Cost: INR 1200 and above, depending on facilities and the area you choose to stay in.
Cost of Food Per Day: You get super cheap beer for less than INR 150, and street food will not cost you more than INR 200 per dish.
Transportation Cost: INR 40 Bath in small cities, INR 120 in Bangkok and INR 200+ in the islands.


Cambodia is rich in terms of nature, beauty and culture. This place is a paradise for budget travelers.
Per Day Stay Cost: You will get guesthouses for less than INR 1000 per night.
Cost of Food Per Day: A meal in local restaurants will cost around INR 300 per person.
Transportation Cost: Share your taxis, take buses or rent a cycle – and you can go around in Cambodia for less than INR 1000 per day.