Are You Wearing the Right Bra And Undergarment Size?

By: Biima Arya

Bra fitting can be confusing because there are so many pieces to literally fit together, and it’s not something most Indian women are taught — not at home, in school, or anywhere else. There’s no real mechanism for that education. It’s not taught in high school health classes. Many mothers overlook the chance to help their daughters get to fit correctly, perhaps because they never experienced the benefits of the right fit themselves.

So poor bra fit is literally passed down through the generations! There’s lots more to learn, including how improper bra fit can cause health problems, how you waste money buying bad bras ETC. ETC…Forget everything you thought you knew about your bra size. It’s wrong.

Wearing the right bra is not just a matter of fashion – it’s a matter of health and self-esteem. And yet 70-85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Even women who know their bras are uncomfortable and ill-fitting grab the same size over and over again, hoping for a different result.


Myth 1: You don’t fit. That is simply not true. Bras come in sizes that range from AAA to N, so there is a bra out there for virtually everybody, FIND IT.

Myth 2: Once you find your bra size, you are done. In fact, bra size is a moving target. Ask any growing teenager, new mother, or mature woman. Bodies change and bra sizes right along with them.

Myth 3: It’s easy to find your bra size. Simply put––it’s not. If you have ever adjusted a slipping bra strap, felt uncomfortable in your bra, or wished for a better silhouette, then you know that the quest for the ideal bra can feel hopeless.


A woman needs to wear supportive and appropriate undergarments at all time. It is essential that every woman has the correct bra for her unique body shape. Selecting the right underwear for your unique body type makes all the difference in how your clothes fit and lay against your body.

A very high percentage of women are wearing the wrong-fitting bra and undergarments. There are so many styles of bra’s to choose from and selecting just the right one can often be a very difficult process. Check out just a few of our tips…


1. For more support, chose a bra with wider shoulder straps and wider side straps to give more support to the bust area while smoothing out the back.

2. Different body types require different design. (Knowing your body type is key)

3. Pick a bra with appropriate coverage. (Know your bust size)

4. Go staples if your dress is staples or has thin straps.

5. Choose panties that don’t leave you with any visible pan tie line.

6. Do not choose panties that are too tight and dig into your skin, this will give you unflattering and needless rolls of skin.

7. Choose the right color panties for your outfit. Wearing dark panties with a light dress is often disastrous.


Having big boobs means you need to wear a bra every day or run the risk of giving yourself a black eye! Investing in the right bras is essential and you want your bras to last as long as possible so here are some tips to give your bras a happy long life and a couple to keep your boobs feeling great.


My Mum’s tried and tested phrase is “one to wear, one to wash and one to air” and it turns out she’s right. The elastic in your bra is what keeps you comfortable and perky. The elastic heats up as you wear your bra and the heat stretches out the elastic. It takes over 24 hours for the elastic in your bra to return to its shortest form (and therefore most supportive). The elastic will eventually stretch to the point where it can’t bounce back which is why bras don’t live forever.


Across all over my area little acts of bra brutality are happening on a daily basis. It’s commonly referred to as ‘the tumble dryer’. Here I can offer you a guide to making your bra live longer through good care.

Your Hand is BRA Saints

The absolute best way to wash your bra is to hand wash. For those of you who have the time and patience to wash your smalls this way you will be rewarded with lingerie that looks beautiful for longer and lives much longer (making your investment in beautiful big bras worth it!) Using a gentle detergent and cool water are the key to keeping your delicates fresh.


You probably know that hand washing your lingerie will make it last longer (this is because you avoid the heat of your washer and dryer which eats the elastic). If you feel specialty bra detergent is expensive the inexpensive alternative is any of your baby shampoo.


Why are washing machines and tumble dryers so bad for bras? Heat destroys elastic and it’s the elastic in your bra that allows your boobs to defy gravity and look amazing. Without elastic you’re left with boobs trying to hang out with your knees!

I’m a realistic thought and I know that for a lot of women the article is a boon!

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