Arjun Kapoor On Dealing With Being Trolled For Dating Malaika Arora, Read Shocking Statement!

Arjun Kapoor talked about how he dealt with the‘ extreme’ trolling he was subordinated to after he made it sanctioned with Malaika Arora. The couple shares an age difference of 12 times, which has been fodder for social media haters, who frequently target both Malaika and Arjun.

In an interview with HT City, Arjun said that he was ready to be hit by negative responses when they came out as a couple in 2019. Arjun and Malaika verified they were dating on his birthday in 2019 in an Instagram post. Speaking in the interview, Arjun said the trolling did not affect him much because he is been through worse.

Citing exemplifications from his particular life, Arjun said “ I was prepared for the response to be extreme from pixies. Nothing prepares you except going through it. I’ve been through situations in life that have been far worse — seeing my parents resolve up, losing mama, having to go through seeing the bouleversement of my father, losing out on a loved one, his woman Sridevi — you do realize that life is veritably fickle and temporary, and only love is endless. Occasionally, you don’t have to make the grandest gestures and the loudest noises. You can be silent and still stand up for a commodity or someone that you believe in. You’ve to also understand the circumstances, the complications, and give it time.”

Arjun added “ So, standing up doesn’t always mean being in your face. It occasionally is just about holding your own quietly and doing your thing, living each day and not allowing so much about the negativity. What’s the worst that can be? It hurts you temporarily and also you put perspective by realizing that you’re strong enough to face so much further than nameless, faceless people on social media spewing hate. You’ve to let them be. I guess there’s so important applicability to Malaika and my relationship that everybody wants to have a say-so, have an opinion and you can only take that as a compliment that everyone likes talking about us!”

Arjun is Boney Kapoor’s son with his first woman Mona Shourie Kapoor, who failed cancer in 2012. Boney and Mona parted ways in 1996, following which the filmmaker married Sridevi.

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