Benefits of A Wood Heater; All You Need To Know

Wood heaters have been in use since man brought fire into the home. In that time, they have proven useful for a variety of purposes, including cooking, heating and lighting. In fact, even now, wood heaters continue to be valuable. Hence the willingness of many homeowners to install them in their properties.

Wood-burning heaters have been around for a while and are still going strong. They offer a peaceful, natural feel to any space and are still associated with the image of the ideal home. However, heating technology has come a long way and older models had glaring flaws that necessitated significant changes. Consequently, the popularity of wood heaters in homes today owes its spike to more modern designs.

If you have decided to install a heater in your home and need more information before you can choose between gas, wood and electric fireplaces, read on to discover the benefits of using a wood heater. 


As stated above, one of the major flaws that older models of wood heaters had was their inefficiency. This lack is no more. Modern wood fireplaces are incredibly efficient, with conversion rates of up to 80%. Compare this outcome to conventional open fires that are only 25%. 

In addition to being efficient, the fuel source- wood- is cheaper than gas and electricity. Numbers show that burning wood costs 33% and 20% less to produce one unit of energy than gas and electricity, respectively. 


Wood is a carbon-neutral fuel. This designation means that burning wood does not contribute to the addition of harmful carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the same is not true for energy sources like electricity, gas and coal. As a result, this property of wood makes it one of the most environmentally friendly options you can work with.

For clarification about the CO2, please note that while this gas is a by-product of burning wood, any that is released is absorbed back into other trees that are the source for more firewood. Thus, it is a well-balanced system as long as the see-saw remains relatively level.

Budget Friendliness

With the price of energy production going up, many people seek and gravitate toward cheaper alternatives. As a result, opting to install a wood-fired fireplace can really help you out because they have the same efficiency levels as gas and electric alternatives but for a much lower price.

Along with the energy and time advantages, the installation of wood fireplaces is also relatively straightforward. There is minimal need for additional connections that can add to the cost. In contrast, you must factor in the requirement for wiring and piping when constructing electric and gas fireplaces, respectively. So use a wood eater for the sake of your pockets.

Striking Appearance

Beyond keeping your home or office warm during cooler weather, wood-burning heaters often enhance a home’s decor. With the potential to construct stately mantels and intricate frameworks, a wood fireplace can add to the space’s aesthetics while standing out as a focal point. This assertion holds true with both indoor and outdoor placement.

In addition to their general elegance, wood heaters are particularly sought after for the ambience you can create when they are lit. There is nothing quite like taking the time to relax in front of a blazing hearth where you can enjoy both the heat and the visual effects. 

Ideal for the outdoors

Creating a beautiful and welcoming outdoor space can only take you so far. Unfortunately, it often becomes difficult to justify and even enjoy sitting in your patio area on cold nights and during the winter months. However, all you need is a well-placed outdoor fireplace to counter this shortfall. With a heating source, you can now relax outside no matter the time of year.

The best thing about using a wood heater to warm the outdoors is that it becomes a multi-purpose device. So why not explore some backyard cooking while keeping your friends and family warm and entertained close by?


Wood-burners provide a more reliable heating option than gas and electric heaters, as they use less energy and don’t depend on external power. In contrast, using electric and gas fireplaces leaves you open to inconvenience and frustration in the event of an outage- no matter how minimal the chances that such an occurrence will transpire.

On the other hand, an adequate wood supply is all you need to certify that you have enough fuel to sustain you through cooler temperatures and utility disruptions. Beyond the source of warmth, a wood heater can also double as a stove, so while others will have no means by which to feed themselves, you will be able to avoid the adverse effects.

Wood heaters have a lot going for them. Mainly, they are enduring devices that are seamlessly able to straddle the line between rustic and modern. So get one for yourself today and enjoy the transformation to your home.

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