Getting Your Man to Show His Sensitive (Submissive) Side in the Bedroom

The stress of everyday life can build up and cause strain for any couple, no matter how devoted or in love they are. While regular sex can act as a healthy outlet for relieving stress, and keeping a couple intimate with each other, even making love can become routine when no effort is made to switch things up. A Durex survey stated that 92% of respondents were aroused when their partner showed vulnerability in the bedroom. It’s good to bring some variety to the bedroom, and reversing roles for giving pleasure is a great way to keep things interesting between a couple, regardless of the relationship’s length.

Easing Him Into It

There are plenty of stigmas that look down on role playing and sub/dom behavior in the bedroom. Fortunately, times are changing so that people care less of what couples do for one another sexually, and the implications that come with who plays what role in a dom/sub relationship. Typically, men are considered the ones to take on the dominant role, as women remain submissive and give all the pleasure. However, times are changing so that couples can be more open and versatile with their sexual desires. It’s completely acceptable for a man to play a submissive role in the bedroom, and in most cases, they want to. Ease your man into the idea of you being dominant for a change, and have him share in the sensual experience of giving pleasure.

Take Charge in the Bedroom

It’s true that men crave to be in charge, but role playing gives the chance for a couple to live out some of their more embarrassing and shameful sexual fantasies. While typical role play scenarios place the woman in a position of submission, scenes like the naughty school boy being punished by a strict teacher are opportune for women to take charge and be dominant in the bedroom. Another way to assert control is through considerate amounts of teasing. Having your man fantasize of having sex with you, or another women, while playing with sex toys as you watch from a taunting distance can be quite a turn on.

Set the Laws of the House

Playing into the role of a dom isn’t just limited to what you do sexually. There are plenty of ways to pepper in some displays of dominance throughout day. Establishing rules for your man to obey at any given moment can add some much needed sexual flare to the monotony and boredom of an average day at home. One activity that’s very popular is setting up chores for your man to complete at any moment of your choosing. These chores can be literal, like cleaning the bathroom, or be a bit more deviant, like stripping naked to do the laundry. You can follow this with a sex based reward system, continuing to taunt, tease, and tantalize your man’s sexual libido.

Healthy sex should be an exciting balance of love and fantasy. By swapping roles of pleasure, couples can indulge in each other’s sensuality, and break from the monotony of everyday life.