Casino Games Most Played By Indian Women

The world of gambling has evolved dramatically in India. The popularity of online gambling has dominated not only male gamblers but females too. Female Indian gamblers love casino games that bring a different kind of fun and excitement. In this article, we will discuss online casino games preferred by Indian women. These are the following:

Slot Machine Games

It is a no-brainer that the slot machine is one of the favorite casino games both in land-based and online casinos. Indian women love it because of the thrill and excitement it brings, especially when the wheel is spin and big money is at stake. Not to mention, there is a huge possibility of going home a millionaire, especially when luck works on your side. There are various themes to choose from, and most of them are adaptations to famous movies and television series. 


It is one of the classic casino games with simple game rules. The game rule is simple that even a novice player can easily follow. Players have to choose between the hand of the banker and the player, and once you are done choosing, all you need to do is wait for the result. It is more of a matter of luck, although experienced baccarat players can somehow comprehend the science and mathematical strategy behind the game.


Poker is without a doubt one of the most played casino games in land-based casinos. The popularity of online casinos has led to the development of different types of poker variations. It has captured the interest and attention of Indian players, including female players. It is one of their go-to-casino games, especially when they feel bored at home or when they feel like gambling for profit and entertainment. However, it is usually played by professional gamblers. Novice gamblers tend to shy away from poker because such a game needs skill and strategy, with a bit of luck.

Teen Patti 

It is widely known as Teen Patti for Indian players, but Indian flush to players in players from various parts of the world. Its popularity has dominated not only Indian gamblers but gamblers from across the globe leading to Teen Patti variations.

Indian Rummy

It is known in India as Pappu, but for international players, it is called Indian Rummy, an adaptation of the game rummy. Female Indian players love it because it gives them different options and variations, which takes the gaming experience to a whole new level.

Andar Bahar 

It is a classic Indian card game with a betting theme. It is based on luck rather than skills and strategy. However, some avid Andar Bahar fans have come up with a strategy that will increase their chances of winning.


It is known by the name trick-taking card game or contract bridge. It uses a 52 card deck played by two teams, with each team consisting of two players competing against each other to reach 100 points. The game can be really challenging, especially for novice players, but there’s something about it that makes it appealing to players.

Gambling has played a huge part in the culture and tradition of Indians. It’s so fortunate that despite the strict gambling rules in India, players can now participate in various online gambling platforms without thinking about getting caught or held liable by the law. There are many games available for Indian players, and one of them is bridge. It is quite a complicated and strategic game but is appealing to Indian players, especially those who love critical thinking.

Indian players can access all sorts of online casino games using the leading online casino sites well-accepting to Indian players. However, you should be wary as not all casino sites are legit and reliable. There are a few involved in illegal activities. Without due diligence, your account will be compromised, not to mention, your personal and financial information will be put on the line. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to conduct thorough research. By doing so, you will be able to increase your chances of finding the best casino site and access a wide array of games that will take your gaming experience to the next level.

You can find different types of casino games at the best online casino site. It is where you get to access a huge library of casino games and sports betting options. It is more like a one-stop-destination for online gamblers. If you have not tried playing at online gambling platforms before, now is the best time to do so. However, you have to conduct due diligence to ensure you will not end up signing up for an account at a bogus site, which only main goal is to steal your personal and financial information.  

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