Divya Agarwal Had To Bear The Cost Of Not Making Connections In House, Nominated In The First Week

Karan Johar has made a bang on Bigg Boss OTT. This time total of 13 contestants is inside the house. When all the contestants first spent time getting to know and understand each other as soon as they went inside the house, while standing in front of Karan Johar on the stage, Prateek Sahajpal fought with many contestants. When Prateek reached inside the house, his attitude looked completely different. The game has started in the Bigg Boss house from day one and a contestant has been nominated to be evicted from the house.

Divya Agarwal

Divya Agarwal, who has been a part of shows like Splitsvilla and Ragini MMS, has been nominated to be evicted from the house. Actually, a twist was seen in the house of Bigg Boss OTT on the very first day itself. This time a connection will have to be made in Bigg Boss. The twist is Connection: Stay Connected. Where all the contestants connected, the same Divya Aggarwal failed to make her connection with anyone. After seeing this twist on the very first day, it seems that this time-fighting in the house of ‘Bigg Boss’ can be overwhelming.


Actually, both single and connection will be seen in Bigg Boss house. The first couple that went into the house was in a connection. Apart from this, the male and female entering the show had to choose their favorite connection each. If the contestants wanted to enter the house, they had to choose one or the other contestant. The show has 6 males and 7 females. Because of this, when six pairs were formed, Divya Aggarwal fell completely alone and due to this, she got nominated.

This time it is very important for the contestants to make connections in the show. Karan Johar had made it clear on the stage itself that all the contestants have to ‘stay connected with their connections. Actually, this time breaking the connection means being homeless directly from the house. That is, if someone’s connection breaks or misses, then he will be directly nominated to be homeless from the house. So it will be interesting to see how the contestants will maintain their bond with each other this time.

Big Boss

After the entry of six male contestants, Shamita Shetty took the first female entry in the Bigg Boss house. As soon as she came on stage, Karan Johar asked her to choose any two contestants from among the contestants to make a connection. Shamita Shetty chose Rakesh Bapat and Karan Nath. To make a connection with Shamita Shetty, the task of making bhel took place between the two boys. Shamita Shetty took a liking to Rakeysh Bapat’s Bhel and chose him as her connection.

While Divya Aggarwal failed to make a pair, many contestants who took entry in the same house-made their pair. While the first pair was made of Shamita and Rakesh Bapat, the second pair was Urfi Javed and Zeeshan Khan. While Neha Bhasin chose Milind Gaba as her pair, Moose Jatana chose a connection with Nishant Bhatt. Akshara Singh chose Prateek Sahajpal. Karan Nath made a connection with Riddhima Pandit.

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