Do You Know How Old Your Heart Is? Here Are Some Tricks to Help You Figure It Out!

Is it possible to find out the age of your heart without any medical intervention? Each one of us has proof to determine our age, but is there any way to find out the real age of our heart? Well, the answer is YES. Stay young at heart, play online casino. Visit this link

Did you know? Various factors can help you determine the age of your heart. Yes, the age of a person’s heart is dependent on things like their blood pressure, smoking, as well as weight. You will be shocked to know that your heart may be older than you think, and this can also tell you about the possibility of any heart disease. Thus, it is imperative to adopt a healthy lifestyle for the sake of your heart.

Here’s how your body reacts to the following activities. This will help determine the age of your heart

1. Do you feel chest pain after walking for a while? 

If yes, it’s a concern. Chest pain on exertion indicates that there is a problem with your heart and your heart muscles are ageing. “Heaviness in the chest left shoulder pain, or sometimes, back pain is all indicators. If these symptoms show up after walking, you should meet your cardiologist and investigate for heart issues.

2. If you can climb stairs without getting breathless, your heart is still young 

It is common to breathe heavily when you climb stairs or exercise, right? This happens due to an accelerated heart rate. But if you are in your prime and still pant after a few minutes of exercise or when you climb a staircase, you are in serious trouble, as that’s a sign of your heart getting old.

3. Feeling nauseous all the time means that your heart is ageing 

If you feel nauseous, have digestion issues, heartburn, and stomach pain all the time- it’s a sign that your heart is ageing. It doesn’t matter what your actual age is.

4. Skipping a heartbeat suggests that your heart is an oldie 

“This happens when you are excited, right? But, in those with heart problems, atrial fibrillation is a common occurrence. This means that the heart is ageing.

5. Sweaty palms are a sign of an old heart 

Do you tend to sweat when the weather is cold outside? It can be a matter of concern and a sign that your heart is in danger. This is a sign that something is not right with your heart.

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