Dubai Desert Safari: Top 10 Attractions and Experiences

Dubai, the city of gold and the capital of UAE, is correctly known as one of the Persian Gulf’s most luxurious cities.  

When you are in Dubai, it shows pride in its wonderfully rich experiences, exotic nightlife, and glittering skyline. However, the desert safari in Dubai tops all these!

The experience you get in spending an entire daytime in the Arabian desert includes desert safari, and on a Land Rover, you will watch wildlife without disturbing them. 

The experience you attain during evenings in the Arabian desert includes being entertained in the middle of the desert and getting to experience nature living inside a tent.

If you intend to spend an entire day in the majestic Arabian desert, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained in the nighttime and the daytime. 

Moreover, there are romantic staying options if you are willing to stay in the middle of the Arabian desert with your loved ones.

In this post, we have listed the top 10 attractions and experiences to turn your Dubai desert safari into a memorable one.

1) Witness the rising sun above the dunes

At dawn, head to the Arabian desert to witness the brightest look of the sun. Gaze at the golden magnificence and bask in the grandeur. 

The morning is undoubtedly the most photogenic phenomenon you will notice in the desert.

2) Explore the Arabian desert by dune bashing

Imagine riding in a jeep safari in the middle of the expanse of the desert through blowing breeze and sand in the morning is a thrilling activity in the best desert safari packages in Dubai. This exciting ride is for nearly 30 minutes.

3) Ride a bumpy camel in the desert

You will ride and trek through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve in a camel and explore the wildlife in the desert. Moreover, this safari is undertaken for nearly 45 minutes in the morning time. 

Furthermore, the falcon demonstration is yet another attraction where you may wander and click a picture with the falcon.

4) Thrillingly explore the desert by sand skiing

The 200 to 300 meters seamless expanse of sand is perfect for sand skiing. 

You will feel the dunes under your board as you slide down fastly. This is the greatest enjoyment while in the desert!

5) Ride like a pro in the quad bike

Riding the quad bike in the middle of the desert is a compelling thing to accomplish on a Dubai desert safari. 

Just ride, around the bends and experience the Arabian desert like a professional. Quad biking is ideal for adventure buffs on a desert safari!

6) A majestic ride on the hot air balloon

From a perfect 360-degree panorama, the hot air balloon presents a gorgeous view of the Arabian desert. This ride generates an adrenaline rush as it floats in the clouds delivering breathtaking views. 

The desert wildlife, like camels and gazelles, are easily spotted from above.

7) Witness the descending sun sinking in the dunes

The descending sun is equally adorable when likened to the ascending sun. 

The sun disappearing after the dunes is frankly a wonder to awe at. You may drive your vehicle for a backdrop. Moreover, capture some candid photos for your IG!

8) Enjoy a night full of exciting activities

Your nighttime will turn out the best with a wide range of recreational activities like fire eating, exotic belly dancing, swirling, and dancing on stilts. 

Dock your luxury tent and relish exhilarating moments with your loved ones, buddies, or family. 

Roughly about the tent, end the night underneath the glittering stars. Moreover, you may experience the desert safari in Dubai along with a bonfire, barbeque, and celebrations.

9) Munch of mouthwatering Arabian cuisines

Dubai cuisine is comprehended for its mouthwatering taste and amazing flavors! The buffets given to tourists during the Dubai desert safari contain hummus, evergreen kebabs, and a display of compelling Lebanese and Iranian dishes. 

Moreover, you may vibe to the music and watch the Belly dancing during dinner time. This makes a usual Arabian night vibe!

10) Finally, stargazing and late-night dune bashing

The best desert safari ride highlights stargazing, desert safari, and dune bashing. 

Furthermore, most of the night is cold and windy, so get cozy inside the tent with your loved one!

Summing it up

Well, from this post, you will have learned about the top 10 fun and incredibly amazing attractions while at the desert safari in Dubai.

The rich sand dunes, vast Arabian desert, and a medley of thrilling activities during daytime and nighttime make a desert safari a fantastic experience of your lifetime. 

You may pick from a bunch of adventurous desert safari trips, photography tours, an unforgettable night out in the chilly desert, and adventure-filled night safari.

From the adventurous rides, mouthwatering cuisines, and Arabian music to the nightlife in Dubai shows that it’s worth trying the adventure desert safari in Dubai!

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