Getting Married? 5 Pre-Wedding Essentials

Getting Married? 5 Pre-Wedding Essentials

Your wedding is, undoubtedly, the second-most important event in your life. Few people would argue that it supersedes your children’s births; but it’s in the same sphere as that if you’re serious about keeping your vows. As an event that’s intended to be forever memorable, it requires a substantial amount of preparation. This article is to help you get through the beginning phase with a minimum of worry.

  1. Pick Out Your Wedding Day Dress

This probably goes without saying; the only real question is how will you get it. Will you take the time to go in for fittings at a shop, or do you know your measurements, and opt to order your bridal dress on this website online? With the latter, a world of options conveniently opens up to you – allowing you to peruse nearly every style of dress and color you could want.

  1. Have A Heart-to-Heart With Your Partner About Your Expectations

This underrated advice nonetheless sets the tenor of the relationship – the way you communicate with each other in the beginning will determine, in part, how smooth your marriage will be. No subject should be too intimate. This includes financial commitments and expectations, household roles, religion, and family (children and in-laws). It’s particularly important to discuss pre existing debt so there are no surprises afterwards.

  1. Read Up On Marriage




This can include reading books on wedding and marriage, or going the extra mile to attend marriage classes. There’s at least one in your city. An even better idea is to attend them with your spouse-to-be. You may find some benefit from hearing from the experiences of other couples. An even more convenient option is to find an audiobook version of the book(s) you want to read, and play it in the car as you run your errands.

  1. Plan Your Honeymoon Before The Wedding

If you’re the groom, it might be tempting to make this trip a surprise. Avoid that temptation – there’ll be plenty of time for that later. Both of you should settle on a destination together to signify the partnership you’re getting into.

The number of places you can go to are virtually limitless. For the more adventurous, an African Safari is a mostly year-round possibility; as is a trip to a world city like Paris or New York. Ocean City, Maryland is known as an especially romantic getaway. It has a mesmerizing coastline, luxury accommodations and many more amenities – see more details here.

  1. How Much Are You Going To Spend On The Wedding?

If most people could point to a single reason for the dissolution of a marriage, they would point to money management problems. Although it is usually more complex than this, budgeting is almost always a central issue. You should sit with your spouse and determine what you want for the wedding, how much you can afford, and how much credit card debt you’re willing to take on. In this single sit-down, you can pave the road to a marriage that isn’t bogged down by financial issues.

This is also the time when you agree to either join your bank accounts or keep separate ones with different levels of accountability. The key to any such decisions is openness.

Without sounding cliched, getting married is truly the first day of the rest of your life together. You’ll now have a partner with whom you intend to share that life, and with whom you’ll go through tough and pleasant times. Make sure to build a solid foundation through planning and a sense of fair-mindedness.  

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