Handy skincare devices are the new VOGUE!

We all always dream of a flawless, youthful, glowing and acne-free skin, no? Well, thanks to all new advancements in the skincare industry that we have been blessed with such amazing devices that getting that skin is no more a dream.

We spend couple of hours every day, browsing through beauty websites and magazines, looking for tips and tricks to get that skin. But well, what follows back, are those long working hours, hectic schedules, impromptu meetings, household chores and irregular sleep patterns. This adversely affects our skin and takes away the natural glow. In fact, today’s lifestyle has taken such a toll on all our lives that many
people face issues like skin sagging, eye bags, dark circles, ageing and wrinkles at an early age.

To move in pace with today’s life, we have to match our skin care routine with our everyday schedules and thankfully, it is not really a big deal. From giving your skin a fresh feel to reducing fine lines and wrinkles, the range of cleansing and anti-ageing tools available today in the market works well for the skin. Here are some benefits of these new age skin devices:

Super easy to use
No, you do not always need professional help for your facial treatment. Cleansing brushes are taking over the beauty market and they work amazingly on every skin type. The best part is that they are super easy to use and can be used anytime, anywhere! LUNA 2 is one such skin cleansing system that comes with anti-ageing technology and is just perfect to clear up the congested skin and brightening it up naturally.

The reverse side of the device works great for reducing forehead wrinkles, fine lines around the eyes and mouth using lower-frequency pulsations. It leaves the skin lifted and firm. Also, the anti-aging mode of the product helps in improving the absorption of all the different skin care products.

And do you think it’s a burden to carry?


It comes handy

With a bag full of essentials, we are really skeptical if we wish to overload it with more stuff. Now it is such a task to carry another essential and that too without loading your bags. With an anti ageing and face exfoliator brush like LUNA Go, one can get a beautiful skin on the go. Travel anywhere and carry this professional brush. This cool and customizable Face Brush does wonders to your skin. But wait, what about the cost?

Good value for money

Who likes spending all their money over long and boring facial sessions at the salon? No one, right? We are elated that products like facial cleansing brushes are taking over and helping us getting that beautiful complexion at economical prices. Also, they work super fast and that makes them more efficient and lovable! LUNA Play Plus fits your budget does the job while fitting your budget. And here is more about the colors available.

Colors to brighten up your day
When that workload hits and Monday blues test our patience, we all need something that makes us happy from the inside. That is to happen only when our hearts feel happy and skin feels fresh. This is when this Personalized Facial Cleansing Brush range comes to the rescue. Available in the variety of colors, the entire FOREO LUNA range is super colorful to meet the taste of everyone.

So come, let’s celebrate womanhood on the go and you can also buy these products here



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