How To Take A Selfie Like A Celebrity

With the power of advanced mobile technologies, online users now take advantage of the self-capturing features of these devices. These images are called selfies, and anybody on various social media platforms will agree that these powerful photos can help these individuals boost their self-image. After publishing their faces on these digital channels, they feel they stand out and satisfy themselves that they’re part of something special. 

With the rise of social media, idolizing celebrities and other famous influencers is what most of these online users do. To stay relevant in their friend groups, they admire these prominent individuals and frequently visit their public profiles to see their trendy outfits and get a peek into their entertaining lives. As a result, they try their best to imitate their styles to stay on top of the trends, especially if they want to build their community of fans. 

Image of cheery young sports woman outdoors on beach drinking water take a selfie by camera.

If you’re one of those online users who like posting their images on these channels and always want to look their best, you should consider these four proven ways to take a selfie like a celebrity. 

  • Don’t Overuse The Filters 

All modern photography apps have built-in filters that allow individuals to make their images look presentable to themselves and the online viewers. These elements can improve color and increase the visual attractiveness of these people, which might help them gain more engagement on these platforms. However, most of these average online users mistakenly over-edit their selfies, which makes their faces look fake and might affect their credibility. 

Instead of over-editing your selfies with these valuable filters from camera360, you have to simplify the process. You may use this app to adjust photography elements like exposure, brilliance, highlights, shadows, contrast, brightness, and saturation. If you don’t like revealing your bare face on these online channels, you should consider investing in quality makeup products that naturally highlight your facial features and make you look like a star. 

Woman in great mood takes selfie in kitchen. Portrait of brown-eyed girl

  • Look For The Best Lighting 

Lighting is a critical component in taking a successful photo. This element determines the brightness and darkness of the image while highlighting its mood, tone, and atmosphere. Thus, it’s vital to properly control these aspects to receive the vibrancy of color, get the best texture, and gain the correct luminosity of your face. 

To find the best lighting in your location, you must take advantage of natural light by handling your mobile device against the window to receive indirect light. Alternatively, you can be more creative by angling your face to one side and capturing the image once you notice a distinct triangle of light on your cheek and your face’s shadow side. If you’re in a dark place with no available sunlight nearby, you must try borrowing a quality camera with good lighting, and make sure to wipe your front cam clean before taking selfies. 

  • Learn When To Use The Flash Feature 

Another essential element in advanced photography is the flash feature because it can brighten a nearby subject while emphasizing photo elements and creating special effects in your selfie. Unfortunately, some primary users who don’t have sufficient skills in taking professional photos often ignore this feature. As a result, they have to live by the darkness of their selfies, so they instead overuse editing apps and produce inauthentic images of their faces. 

As you plan to take a selfie inside a dark room, you should try using the flash feature because this component is used in darkness. While it might not produce perfect results, you may still properly use efficient photo editing tools to improve its quality before publishing them on social media. Indeed, learning when and when not to use this feature is an added benefit to your selfie sessions that will enhance your media content and might help you attract your ideal audience.  

  • Practice Good Posture 

Practicing good posture is more than just standing up straight to look taller. This photography element is also helpful in improving your overall health because it boosts blood circulation, supports your muscles, and reduces back pain. Whether or not you’re regularly taking images of yourself, you must make it a habit to correct your posture so you can hold your body in the best possible way. 

As you take more selfies for your new digital content, you must watch your posture to exude a higher level of self-confidence, instantly making you look like a celebrity. Before capturing the image, you have to tilt your head a little higher to get the best angle of yourself. In addition, you should slightly raise your eyebrows and make a perfect smile to make your eyes look more defined while printing a joyful mood on your face.

Key Takeaway 

As someone who loves sharing their personal life on social media, you have to ensure that you’re publishing quality photos of yourself for your audience. With that, you should consider following these strategies in taking a selfie to look like a real celebrity. Once you do, you might attract your ideal followers and encourage them to be loyal to your digital persona, which might help you gain a large following.

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